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Down Under Ingame Advertising (DUIA) and MediaLab Successfully Introduce InGame Value Matrix (IVM)

Amsterdam, 2nd November 2004


Amsterdam - Over the past 6 months MediaLab, the consumer insight, research and development division of Mediaedge:cia, and Down Under Ingame Advertising (DUIA), European in-game advertising agency, have successfully introduced and tested the jointly developed InGame Value Matrix (IVM) as an invaluable tool for helping potential advertisers understand the value of in-game advertising. The IVM, which has been developed and build upon since April 2004, helps advertisers value different forms of in-game advertising as opposed to traditional media like TV, print, radio etc. and features data and costing models from various advertising markets. Both parties regard the IVM as an important foray into cost standardization of the in-game advertising market and the model serves as part of on-going studies into this emerging media channel.

"When trying to determine the value of having your brand used, shown etc. in a game we were not able to refer to earlier research. Therefore we tried to look to more traditional ways of advertising -similar to in-game advertising- and use the 'knowledge' we gained there as a bases for valuating in-game advertising", says Rogier Leliveld, Strategy Director MediaLab Amsterdam. "Starting point for comparing traditional media with in-game, is to translate traditional game industry standards like number of copies sold, rented, times played etc. to media-industry standards like GRP's and reach. In order to do so we built the IVM. This model first of all gives us the ability to judge the performance of a game in media terms." Responsible for the IVM project at MediaLab Amsterdam is Information Officer, Joost van Eupen, winner of the 2003 Dutch Media Talent award.

"Using games as an effective media channel for advertising has become a hot item recently within the advertising industry, but too much consultancy in this market is being done based on assumptions instead of knowledge. This is something we set out to change", says Andrew Hooke, Commercial Director DUIA. "As a former FMCG senior executive I understand the need with advertisers to have a comparative value attached to this medium and to feel a sense that I am getting great value out of this media channel. Being able to compare new media marketing methods with traditional advertising and standardized costing models provides this, as it is something advertisers can easily understand. The IVM will help grow video games as a media channel tremendously".

About Down Under Ingame Advertising:

Down Under Ingame Advertising (DUIA) is a division of the Down Under [Creative Tribe] Communications Group and is a leading company in in-game advertising and game promotional activities in local and international markets. With over 8 years experience in youth marketing, the company has grown rapidly, establishing exclusive working relationships with most mayor games publishers. DUIA focuses exclusively on the structural development of in-game advertising and product placement as an integral part of a clients' marketing strategy, providing consultancy, creative solutions and research. Down Under Ingame Advertising is located in Amsterdam and is partnered with a number of companies including international research house MediaLab (part of Mediaedge:cia). For more information

About MediaLab:

MediaLab is a network-wide resource with centres of excellence located in New York, London and Amsterdam. For more information

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