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Down in Flames! Playable beta demo released!

Battlefront has just released a Beta Demo for the upcoming Aerial Combat game Down in Flames. Based on Dan Verssen's award winning card combat game system of the same name, Down in Flames offers innovative gameplay and exciting multiplayer online action.

The 122 meg demo features solo and multiplayer action (with up to 4 players), the Dunkirk campaign and online player statistics tracking and more!

Links to download the beta demo:

The Down in Flames Beta Demo (122 MB) features the following:

1. Ability to play local and online dogfights. Local games are against the AI, online games are against the AI and/or human opponents.

2. Dogfights can be up to 4 players.

3. Four nationalities (Britain, USA, Germany, Japan). You can have up to 4 pilots per nationality.

4. The aircraft available for pilots to fly in the demo are the Spitfire I (British), Bf-109E (German), P-40N (USA), and Ki-61 (Japan).

5. One campaign available to play (Dunkirk).

6. Pilots gain experience from flying missions and can purchase skills with the XP, which will enhance their abilities in combat.

7. Pilots can earn medals and be promoted to higher rank with successful missions.

8. Online game statistics are tracked and displayed on the web site, so players can compare their pilots with each other.

For more details about the full game and its full feature set, go to:

Important Notes for Beta Demo:


In order for the Down in Flames Beta Demo to play, you must have the Microsoft .Net Framework 1.01 or later installed. If you do not have this already, we have included the install file for you to install it manually. A link to the .Net Framework installer can be found in the BattlefrontDown in Flames Beta Demo Program Group.

If for any reason, you do not want the .NET Framework installed on your computer, DO NOT INSTALL THIS DEMO!


As this is a beta code demo, no guarantees of performance should be expected or inferred.

The Beta Demo is being released to the public in order to test for overall stability, online latency and gameplay.

Questions, comments and any reports of glitches, bugs or problems should be made to the normal Down in Flames Discussion Forum at

The game is scheduled to go gold within a few weeks, and will be available for $35 plus S&H exclusively from

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