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DovoGame - Business Tycoon Online

Mansion system launched.

Dovogame has recently launched a new mansion system for Business Tycoon Online (BTO), the most popular online business simulation game worldwide.

The new features will allow tycoons to construct buildings like garage, private airport and medal exhibition to showcase their hard-earned in-game items. Along with recreational like beach and swimming pool, these mansion buildings will ensure a sense of achievement by magnificent game graphics.

All the mansion buildings tycoons own add up to their company’s public image. Different mansion buildings will increase the company revenue, medal bonus, company store cap, company employee cap, fatigue cap, routine rewards, communication effect, factory production rate and raw material supply rate. Employees can be assigned to all mansion buildings to gain an extra bonus.

The construction of mansion buildings will consume raw materials in the new mansion warehouse. Tycoons have to transfer raw materials from factory warehouse to mansion warehouse to construct their mansion buildings.

This update has shown Dovogame’s continuous effort to provide better gaming experience for all players. All tycoons can showcase their in-game achievements in this new system. Non-gold buyers can get raw materials from factory and trade center by TCN to construct their mansion buildings. This update will surely increase the playability and balance of Business Tycoon Online (BTO).

For further details on this and other events and activities, check out the official Business Tycoon Online website at http://bto.dovogame.com/ 

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