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Double The Action, Double The Fun!

Datel’s Action Replay MAX DUO blows both the GBA and the DS wide open…


March 31st, 2005 - Now you can show the bad guys who's boss in all your favourite handheld games with Datel's dynamic new Action Replay MAX DUO! Combining Action Replay for GBA and MAX Drive DS, DUO is your all-in-one game enhancer for Game Boy Advance and the brand-new Nintendo DS.


MAX Drive DS is the complete solution for backing up, restoring and exchanging your Nintendo DS game saves. It has its own on-board memory for storing a number of your game-saves. Using the supplied PC Application, you can also connect your MAX Drive DS to your PC, meaning you can store literally thousands of game-save backups. Best of all, MAX Drive DS lets you to save multiple times in games which would otherwise let you make only one save. So when the inevitable Pokémon DS arrives, you can let your kid brother have a go without him interfering with your own game position.

The MAX Drive DS PC application also connects to the server to download hundreds more! Users can post their own game saves to the server, and download those created by others. Think you're the greatest gamer on the planet? Now's your chance to join the MAX Drive DS community and prove it! Look out too for Power Saves, save files hacked by Datel's dedicated code crackers to contain all sorts of cheats and enhancements such as Infinite Lives, All Levels, Every Character and more.


Take control of even the toughest games and show 'em who's boss with Action Replay for GBA! Even the odds by arming yourself with infinite health, bullets and time. Unlock secret levels, characters and vehicles. Now YOU can become all-powerful and beat ANY game! Action Replay is already loaded with around 20,000 totally unauthorised cheats for over 200 Game Boy Advance games, including the best-selling Pokémon Sapphire and Ruby. You can easily update the cartridge with new codes too!

Michael Connors, managing director of Datel, said: "Action Replay has built a solid reputation for providing powerful, game-busting cheats at a bargain price. Action Replay MAX DUO is the ultimate game enhancer for gamers on the move".

Action Replay MAX DUO is in the shops this week, and costs £29.99 (UK) or $34.99 (USA). It can also be bought direct at or by calling 08456 010 015.

Note for Editors:

For more information on Action Replay MAX DUO, and other exciting products from Datel, please contact Ian Osborne on 01785 810816, or email

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