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Double IGF Mobile award nominations for Jadestone's hungry Kodos

Stockholm, Dec 13, 2007

Swedish developer Jadestone has unleashed another gobbling wave of the digital life form known as Kodo on an unsuspecting jury. Freshly mutated in the Jadestone labs, the always hungry Kodos have now evolved to exist in three dimensions.

The original mobile game Kodo was released in early 2006 and was met with general acclaim as a highly original puzzle game. Up to 8 players could compete, using one button each on the same mobile phone, in a race to eat the others before becoming Kodo food yourself. The game also won the "Best Independent Game of the Year" title at the Expressen Game Awards.

The latest incarnation of Jadestone's innovative Kodo game makes use of next generation mobile 3D technology with hardware supported shaders. As a result of giving the designers such high-tech tools, it has now been nominated in no less than two of the six available categories of the prestigious 2008 IGF Mobile competition:

i) Technical Achievement

ii) Achievement in Art

Tommy Palm, designer of Kodo, comments:

"We've been pushing our lab staff very hard and finally their work paid off. We've been able to breed a brand new form of Kodo. They're bigger, badder and, for the first time, fully three dimensional. The only thing that remains the same is their endless appetite. We're fortunate to have such visionary designers and technical wizards in our labs."


For more information, please contact:

Tommy Palm

Tel: +46 70 693 34 33

About Jadestone

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