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Double Fusion Ups The Ante, Increases Reach With Playwize Online Poker Game

In-Game Ad Leader Capitalizes on the Enormous Growth and Popularity in Poker with Playwize's Poker Game

SAN FRANCISCO-Oct. 12, 2006-Leading independent in-game advertising company Double Fusion has further increased the number of games available to its advertiser and agency partners by signing with Playwize Plc to place advertising into its new PC game, Playwize Poker and online game Pokerwize.

Capitalizing on the current international poker craze, Double Fusion's partnership with Playwize further broadens the network's reach to a wider demographic of gamers for the in-game ad company's advertiser partners. Playwize plans to generate huge awareness of the game's launch through a structured roll-out program in conjunction with a number of media outlets.

The game features a totally immersive 3-D environment that includes integrated voice chat and live advice from professional poker players. The most popular poker variations are offered, including Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, and Five Card Stud. The game's innovative interface creates the most realistic playing environment in an online poker game, allowing players to do everything from raising and lowering bets to taunting rivals, bluffing and even flirting with fellow players.

The agreement will also serve to enhance gamers' experience by making immersive 3D environments more authentic through the integration of brands that players would expect to see in the real world. Players can customize their on-screen avatars from a selection of different player models and outfits, offering unique branding possibilities.

"Double Fusion continues to grow our network so that our advertiser partners are reaching the largest, most diverse set of eyes, and not simply reaching the same gamers again and again," said Jonathan Epstein, CEO of Double Fusion. "By partnering with Playwize, the creators of one of the most innovative and realistic online poker experiences, the strength of our network increases exponentially."

"With Playwize, we've sought to create the next generation in poker games. The variety of gameplay available and the quality 3D settings truly transport gamers from their desks to the poker room," said Foo Katan, CEO of Playwize Plc. "Double Fusion's understanding of the gamer experience and their ability to perfectly partner advertiser to game title and ad opportunity will extend the game's realism even further."

Double Fusion is committed to offering its advertiser and agency partners the widest array of advertising opportunities available from any in-game advertising company, to maximizing revenues for its publisher and developer partners, and to building a portfolio of top titles among retail PC and console games, massively multiplayer online games, casual downloadable games, and advanced online games.

Advertisers interested in opportunities within the Double Fusion network, and developers and publishers interested in increasing their per-title revenues through integrated and dynamic ad placement opportunities should visit

About Playwize Plc

Playwize Plc (formerly Bits Corp Plc) is one of the UK's leading developer of software for the entertainment industry. Having developed innovative and exciting games for consoles such as Xbox, PS2 and Nintendo GameCube, Playwize remains at the forefront of digital entertainment. Playwize Plc is now bringing this technology to the field of online gaming. Games developed under the Playwize brand will change the look of online gaming with realistic 3-D environments and other unique features.m With Pokerwize, the company's first new offering, players will experience a revolutionary new way to enjoy the game, including real-time voice chat, full statistics calculator, and an in-depth 3-D tutorial with TV and poker celebrity Helen Chamberlain.

About Double Fusion

Founded in 2004, Double Fusion is the leading independent provider of dynamic in game advertising. Going beyond traditional advertising mediums to engage valuable and hard to reach gamer demographics, Double Fusion provides the widest range of in game advertising and marketing programs, from dynamic 3D interactive objects, video, interactive ads, 2D signage and more, all the way up to fully immersive storyline integrations. Double Fusion's sales force and integration teams work directly with advertisers, developers, and content owners to ensure seamless execution of advertising and marketing campaigns, creating an additional revenue source for videogame publishers while protecting the gameplay experience. Double Fusion is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Jerusalem, London, and Shanghai. More information on Double Fusion is available at

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