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Game Advertising to Provide Alternate Revenue Stream for Free-to-Play Game Developed by Racing Game Specialist Invictus Games and Operated by Aeria Games

SAN FRANCISCO - Nov. 7, 2007 - Game advertising provider Double Fusion has partnered with online game operator Aeria Games to drive additional revenues for their free-to-download massively-multiplayer online racing game Project Torque through in- and around-game advertising. Double Fusion will provide the technology that enables dynamic ad placements, and Double Fusion's sales force will manage the sale of advertising to advertisers and agencies in the North American and European markets. The combination of advertising revenues and revenues from digital item sales allows Aeria to offer Project Torque to gamers for no monthly fee.

Project Torque is a massively-multiplayer online game that features traditional circuit racing, street racing, rally racing and off-road racing in a variety of modes including "Amateur Versus", "Pro Versus", "Challenger," "Thunder Alley," "Capture the Flag" and "Explorer." The game offers a tremendous amount of customization possibilities, as players can install more than 500 individual items onto their favorite cars. Developer Invictus is a specialist in racing games; the company has focused on the racing genre since the 2001 debut of their award-winning 1nsane (PC Gamer's "Best Off-Road Game," PC Guru's "Game of the Year" and Game.exe's "Best Debut of the Year") and their previous titles have been published by a number of major retail publishers on PC and console platforms.

"Project Torque is another phenomenal example of the high-quality online games coming to market today that are natural fits in the Double Fusion network," said Jonathan Epstein, President and CEO of Double Fusion. "Introducing advertising into the game will bring Aeria the revenue that enables them to continue bringing top-quality gaming experiences to players for free."

Project Torque makes for a strong fit into the Double Fusion network both because of the immense popularity of the racing game genre, reaching an enormous audience of the 18-34 male demographic advertisers are looking to reach, and also because such games provide natural environments for a wide-range of advertising opportunities that are appropriate to the setting. This allows Double Fusion to offer marketers videogame ad forms spanning from dynamic 2D placements and 3D objects to sponsored game events and tournaments that leverage brands while enhancing the realistic experience of racing gameplay.

"In a free-to-play racing title, where advertising is so important because it not only allows us to keep giving players free games, but also adds to the reality of the experience for the gamer, the choice of game advertising partner is crucial," said JT Nguyen, CMO, Aeria Games. "Double Fusion is unparalleled in their talents for matching brands to games and audiences, so we are confident that this program is going to benefit all of us, gamer included."

The addition of Project Torque to the Double Fusion network underscores the company's commitment to offering their advertiser and agency partners a wide array of videogame advertising opportunities, to maximizing revenues for its publisher and developer partners and to building a portfolio of top titles among retail PC and console games, massively multiplayer online games, casual downloadable games and advanced online games.

About Double Fusion

Double Fusion is the game advertising expert. The company brings together the leading in-game ad serving technology, the broadest network of games across a wide variety of genres, and a sales force that has helped create and evolve the in-game advertising industry. Double Fusion provides marketers and their advertising agencies with the broadest range of in-game, around-game and web-based solutions with which to engage and sell the valuable and hard-to-reach gamer demographics. Double Fusion is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Jerusalem, London, and Tokyo. More information on Double Fusion is available at www.doublefusion.com.

Advertisers interested in opportunities within the Double Fusion network; and developers and publishers interested in increasing their per-title revenues through integrated and dynamic ad placement opportunities should visit www.doublefusion.com.

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