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Double Fusion Names Industry Powerhouse Jonathan Epstein As CEO

Veteran Executive Brings Gaming and Entertainment New Media Expertise, Proven Leadership Talent to In-Game Advertising Leader


San Francisco, Calif. - May 10, 2006 - Double Fusion, the premier independent in-game advertising company, has appointed Jonathan Epstein as its chief executive officer. As CEO, Epstein will have full responsibility for defining the company's strategic direction and for managing all areas of business for the fast growing international company.

Epstein brings deep knowledge of the games, advertising, media and entertainment industries to Double Fusion. As a member of Double Fusion's board of directors and previously as a consultant to the company, Epstein has been intimately involved with all aspects of the company's growth, including stewarding the firm's most significant publisher and developer partnerships.

Epstein has been involved at the top level in virtually every successful interactive media targeting the gaming audience. After nearly 10 years at technology publishing giant IDG where he served in ad sales and publishing management roles, Epstein left in 1995 to launch as its president and CEO, changing the face of the gaming media landscape inexorably. GameSpot successfully sold to Ziff-Davis in 1997, and the founding executive assumed the role of EVP, International, for the company's ZDNet unit, and served in a similar role for its acquirer CNET, where he oversaw the launch of GameSpot sites in all of the major markets of the world. Epstein then joined GameSpy Industries in 2001; over the course of two years he tripled the company's advertising revenues, launched the company's successful middleware business, and developed the leading subscription properties in the gaming market.

IGN Entertainment acquired GameSpy in 2004, and Epstein helmed IGN's media division through the end of the year. From 2005 until now, Epstein has served as the co-head of the digital media practice of United Talent Agency, one of the top talent agencies serving the Hollywood and digital media communities.

"Double Fusion was my natural next step," said Epstein. "I spent the last decade of my life developing the world's largest media audiences of gamers, and helping marketers reach this audience with compelling, effective and accountable advertising programs. Double Fusion's platform, philosophy, and strong portfolio of publisher and advertiser partners make it the clear leading independent company in the space."

Double Fusion provides game developers with a full end-to-end solution to take advantage of the rapidly growing in-game advertising market, projected to grow from $56 million in 2005 to as much as $1.5 billion in 2010. The company's technology solutions provide publishers the ability to dynamically serve ads inside of their PC and video games. Double Fusion is already recognized as the technology leader in the in-game advertising space, with the easiest solution for developers to deploy, as well as an ad serving and rendering technology that allows advertisers to move beyond displaying simple graphics to offer 3D object advertising, Flash video, and other exclusive and unique advertising formats.

For advertisers, Double Fusion provides the widest possible range of in-game advertising and marketing programs, from measured spot media buys all the way up to full-on immersive storyline integrations. The company is committed to advancing the state of the art in in-game advertising, through the development of unique advertising capabilities of its technology and through the sale and deployment of fully integrated marketing campaigns that take advantage of the huge reach games have to the critical male 18-34 demographic. The company's recent announcements of the acquisition of Eiko Media, a leading in-game product placement representation firm, and strategic partnership with Impact Mobile, a leading mobile marketing firm, demonstrates the company's commitment to delivering the widest range of creative solutions to marketers and their agencies.

"Double Fusion is committed to building the in-game industry through a commitment to education, research and understanding the best ways advertising should (and the ways it should not) work within games," added Epstein. "While the market is large today, it will grow as much as a hundred times in size over the next 5 to 7 years. We're helping create new revenues and profits for game companies, enabling new business models for game publishers and developers, and providing advertisers with the reach to the critical buying demographics that have been lost or fragmented in their traditional media choices. The future is only exciting, and bright; I'm glad to be in a position to more directly influence the development of the industry."

Epstein has been serving as a consultant and later as a board member of Double Fusion for more than a year. In these roles, he spearheaded the company's critical successes in publisher partnerships, including major multi-title arrangements with Midway (NYSE: MWY) and THQ (NYSE: THQI), and was responsible for building the company's worldwide sales force and U.S. organization.

About Double Fusion

Founded in 2004, Double Fusion is the leading independent provider of in-game advertising technology and sales solutions. The company's technology allows publishers to integrate brands and product advertisements within connected PC and video games. Double Fusion's sales force and integration teams work directly with advertisers, developers, and content owners to ensure that advertising and marketing campaigns are seamlessly incorporated into each individual project. Going beyond traditional advertising mediums, Double Fusion creates immersive experiences that deliver music, video, 3D objects and fully integrated product placement. Double Fusion is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco, Calif, and also has offices and sales affiliates in Los Angeles, New York, Jerusalem, London, and Shanghai.

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