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Doom III Xbox "probably not going to come out this year" - Hollenshead

id Software's chief executive admits that the Xbox port of highly anticipated first-person shooter Doom III is now unlikely to make it out before the end of 2004.

Xbox owners keen to get stuck into the demonic world of Doom III will "probably" have to wait until early next year, as Vicarious Visions, the firm handling the conversion process on behalf of original developer id Software, is now unlikely to finish the project in time for its original late 2004 ship target.

id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead, speaking to Reuters late on Friday, admitted, "It's probably not going to come out this year," after several weeks of speculation following the release of the PC version. "Back in May, we were kind of hoping we'd have a holiday launch," he said, before concluding: "I'm not sure we're going to get there."

Concern over the Xbox version of the game, which adds a co-operative multiplayer mode and Xbox Live support, has been growing over the past few weeks, with Hollenshead himself telling CNN/Money's Chris Morris recently that a release date was "still up in the air".

The PC version of the game, released across the world in early August, is currently riding high at the top of the charts.

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