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Doodle Hex

First in a series of "hitherto believed lost" spell sheets released.

LONDON, ENGLAND, October 9th 2008 – With the bewitching Halloween re-release of Doodle Hex, the spell casting battle game for Nintendo DS™, mere weeks away, Pinnacle Software and developer Tragnarion Studios have unveiled the first in a series of recently discovered, hitherto believed ‘lost’, spell sheets to assist new and existing players in their continuing battle against enemy Doodle Hex rune casters. Just don’t ask us where we got them!

With each of the 14 playable characters in Doodle Hex having their own set of 20 unique offensive and defensive spells, these previously unreleased spell sheets, beginning with the sheets for Cassie and Djin, will prove invaluable to Doodle Hex players everywhere, novice and experienced alike. In addition, the release of ‘Top Trumps’ style character stats alongside the spell sheets for each of the characters in the game will, combined, unlock a whole new world of potential spell strategies to the player, as well as illustrating an astonishing level of depth to the gameplay.

About Doodle Hex

Developed specifically for the Nintendo DS™ format, Doodle Hex is a competitive spell casting battle game where players use the DS stylus to draw their chosen runes in the centre of the touch screen, summoning spells that will transform, attack and weaken their opponent, with the ultimate aim being to deplete your rival’s energy bar before they can do the same to you.

Both a single-player and a multiplayer experience, Doodle Hex has 14 characters available to select, each of whom has a specialist field in rune use. The runes can be used to attack, restore health or be unleashed as devastating combination attacks.

With over 250 challenges, single-card and multi-card play for exciting two player head-to-head contests, along with a range of unlockable bonuses, Doodle Hex is one of the most innovative and playable magic strategy games to hit the Nintendo DS to date.

Doodle Hex re-releases on October 31st, Halloween, with a recommended retail price of £19.99.

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