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DOM 3 Online (How to build Your Love) under development.

4 May 2006

Moscow. The TNT broadcasting network and NIKITA Company, announce starting work on a new multiplayer social online project, DOM 3 Online (How to build Your Love). The release of the global project promises to become one of the year's most important events in the Russian game industry and internet dating industry.

DOM 3 Online (How to build Your Love) is the first large-scale project combining all the advantages of modern dating services and multiplayer online role-play games. The action is set in a modern megapolis where communication, rest and entertainment are central. The dweller of the virtual city is to explore the world of high-rise buildings, entertainment complexes and multi-storey supermarkets, car parks, and recreation areas.

Life in DOM 3 Online (How to build Your Love) is based on the character's developing social status. Successes in various contests and execution of missions raise its level considerably and enable the character join the virtual world's elite. The appearance of the virtual Ego is also of importance, which is fostered by a developed fashion system. Numerous shops for fashionable clothes, beauty shops, and gyms provide an opportunity to create a stylish and beautiful character. The character will also have a home helping to add the necessary living atmosphere to the virtual world. Dwellers of DOM 3 Online (How to build Your Love) can improve and exchange their homes, and even move from the outskirts to prestigious areas.

DOM 3 Online (How to build Your Love) provides a wide variety of opportunities for communicating and making friends. Dwellers in the virtual city have chats and forums, personal journals, short message service, interest clubs and even an opportunity to arrange large crowds! Mobile services have successfully been integrated into the project allowing communication and character management both from a PC and with the help of short messages.

Awaiting all project participants is a real present: access to an exact copy of DOM 2 where you can talk to your favourite characters and win a prize from the project developers.
For the first time, the project will be displayed at the Russian Games Developers Conference 2006 to be held in the Cosmos Hotel on 7-9 April. Participants in the popular reality show DOM 2 will present the project at NIKITA's stand on the second day of the Conference.

DOM 3 online (How to build You Love) will be published in Russia by Russobit-M company, the publisher and distributor of computer games, education and entertainment software

TNT broadcasting network is the largest television network in Russia with coverage as good as that of central television channels. Over 700 cities and towns are covered from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin. The potential audience of the channel is around 100 million spectators. Its target audience are active young people aged 18-45. The official establishment date of TNT broadcasting network is 1 January 1998. The beginning of its successful growth was connected with launching a unique programme offer by TNT in February 2003. Over three years, the channel has almost trebled. In 2005, TNT expanded the share of its main audience (18-30 year olds) by 34.9%. No other national television channel can boast of such rapid growth rates.

TNT broadcasting network is an absolute leader in Russian television in the reality genre. The channel does not only import the best global programmes (such as Big Brother), but also exports them. The sale of the DOM 2 format became a sensation in 2005: for the first time a multinational media giant bought a Russian reality product. TNT broadcasting network features both global bestsellers (Candidate, Big Brother) and its own shows (Hunger, Office, DOM 2).

TNT broadcasting network's main reality project, DOM 2, has become a mass culture phenomenon and show participants are real superstars. At the same time, the DOM 2 characters are real people, "next door guys." They are interesting to the young spectator because there are like his friends and himself.
Practically all television channels of TNT broadcasting network are interactive which implies not only active interaction with the spectator, but also that spectators can influence on what is happening on the screen.

NIKITA, the leading provider of computer games and mobile services and Russia's first game company, was established on 14 October 1991. It has since expanded its operations considerably. Along with computer games development, the company is engaged in localisation of games for Russian users, mobile services, and publication of an interactive magazine for young people. For the time being, the company employs over 200 people and is successfully developing its three main lines of business:

  • development and licensing of games for personal computers;
  • development and provision of value-added entertainment services based on state-of-the-art technologies such as MMS, WAP, GPRS, SMS, and J2ME to subscribers of mobile operators;
  • publication of SMS-Life, an online magazine for young people.

As of now, the company has developed over 100 games of various genres and localised over 50 foreign projects for the Russian market. NIKITA aims at development and services based on state-of-the-art technology and platforms which give access to the best in the world of mobile and computer entertainment.

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