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Dokapon Kingdom

A character class run-down.

October 7, 2008

Like most RPGs worth their salt, Dokapon Kingdom allows players to choose from a variety of job classes in the development of their ideal adventurer. At the beginning, players choose from one of three job types - Warrior, Thief, or Magician - each with a unique bonus ability or trait. For example, the Warrior can randomly receive a boost to his or her attack at the start of a turn, although the Warrior insists that no illegal performance enhancement drugs are involved. The Thief can steal one random item or field magic from another player when he or she passes through them on the play field (and they really don’t care what they snatch, so long as their target has something to lose). Lastly, the Magician can cast two field magic spells prior to their turn, whereas other player classes can only cast one.

After a little bit of adventuring, players will be able to master their existing job and unlock new ones. Clerics can randomly heal a little HP at the start of a turn (“we don’t need no steenkin’ potions”), the Acrobat can bounce back from a fatal blow every now and then (gracefully, we should add), and the Ninja can use two items prior to the start of a turn (that’s what agility gets you). There’s a ton of variety, and a ton of different ways to play based on the kind of character you work towards. Each class also has a preferred type of weapon, yielding a significant performance increase when equipped for the right type of adventurer.

Here’s a listing of job classes you’ll find in Dokapon Kingdom (excluding a couple secret ones):


Strong in attack and defense abilities, the Warrior receives a random boost to his AT (attack) stat at the start of a round.

Preferred weapon: Sword


Physically frail but strong in the arcane arts, the Magician is able to cast two spells prior to his or her turn, whereas other classes can only cast one.

Preferred weapons: Staff, Wand


Trained to be fast and agile, the Thief will often be the fastest player in a fight, and uses his or her shiftiness to steal one random item or field magic from every player it passes by on the play field.

Preferred weapon: Dagger


A potent magician but serviceable in a fight, the Cleric randomly heals some HP (health points) at the start of turns, a very useful trait in tough areas.

Preferred weapons: Spear, and to a lesser extent Axe or Hammer


The Alchemist is a master of items. No doubt a result of numerous experiments, the Alchemist has mastered the ability to randomly duplicate an item or field magic every now and then. If he has rare items in his possession, this ability increases in value exponentially.

Preferred weapons: Staff, Wand


The Monk, master of meditation, can dramatically boost his abilities in times of need. This 50% boost to all stats makes the Monk an absolutely lethal adversary at his or her best.

Preferred weapon: Bare Knuckles


The Ninja, deft and cunning, has the ability to use two items prior to a turn. Considering how powerfull some of the rarer items in the game are, this allows the Ninja to potentially wreak a lot of havoc before their turn even begins.

Preferred weapon: Sword


The Acrobat is the ultimate master of physical grace and beauty. This offers him or her the ability to feign death following a critical blow. Opponents will be stunned as the Acrobat gracefully jumps back to their feet, ready for another round of battle.

Preferred weapon: Crossbow


The Spellsword, being a master of magic and blade combat, has a counter for field magic that he or she is randomly able to employ. Nothing is more disheartening to an opponent than to see their potent magic thwarted.

Preferred weapon: Sword

Dokapon Kingdom, the friendship-destroying game, is scheduled for release on October 14.

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