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Dohi Sweden appointments

Agency takes on three new artists: Joakim Burvall, Agneta Åkerlund and Lars Lundberg.

With the addition of three amazing individuals, the family of Dohi Sweden has expanded into the fields of advanced graphics and design. With their unique perspecive as artists and with their individual style and techniques Joakim Burvall, Agneta Åkerlund and Lars Lundberg will guide the company and their clients into the vast dimensions of digital arts.

"Until now, we've had to outsource the branding and the advanced parts of the graphics pipeline, but as we kept growing within the field of computer entertainment and advanced content it was vital to have a fullservice operation. With more and more projects demanding high definition work, and as the projects grew in size we knew it was time to have these services in-house." explains Emanuel Dohi, CEO at Dohi Sweden.

Lars Lundberg, Designer

A developer with a superior eye for type design and interface awareness, Lars grants the team the ability to bring creative depth to the identity of the brands they develop. As a multi-skilled interaction designer and animator he also rules tools such as Adobe Flash and Illustrator.

Joakim Burvall, 2D/3D Artist

With several years of prior working experience as a realtime 3D graphics artist at Resolution Interactive, Joakim brings high level modelling and texturing to the family. He will keep the world of Moto Racing titles alive through new exiting content. Stay tuned!

Agneta Åkerlund, 2D/3D Artist, VFX

With broad range of interest and experience in the fields of Art and CG, Agneta will contribute with the aspects of realistic 3D rendering, compositing and special effects, as well as that of traditional conceptual work through illustration, painting and sculpturing.

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Dohi Sweden AB is a digital creative agency within the audiovisual sector that produces advanced content. With a full development cycle from idea to launch and followup evaluation, on platforms such as PC, Mac, iOS, Android and other mobile units. The company was founded in 2009 and has quickly grown to 12 employees. The studio is placed in Umeå, the largest city in northern Sweden. The temperature varies between -30°C and +30°C while creativity thrives.

Contact information:

Emanuel Dohi, +46 70 980 95 31,



Press release 2011-03-10

From left: Joakim Burvall, Agneta Åkerlund and Lars Lundberg.  

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