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Indie air combat game gets free patch bringing new aircraft, level and modes.

17 th September 2010 – Derry, Northern Ireland.

Northern Irish Development outfit Dark Water Studios reveals today their first major content patch to DogFighter, their recently launched Indie Air Combat Game. They plan to release it free like previous updates; following the philosophy established by Valve Software.

Key Features are:

-          New Aircraft, Mongoose

-          New Level, Hoi Ling Bay

-          New Game mode, Lone Wolf

-          Tutorial Mode

-          Complete gameplay / flight handling rebalance

-          Configurable controls also added for Xbox controllers.

"We have made strident moves in the last month to make DogFighter as accessible to new players as possible. To that end we have taken a great deal of feedback from our current player base. With their help we have identified the problem areas in our controls and have adjusted them to make flying an even easier, more fluid and fun experience. We also remain committed to free content updates including the new "Hoi Ling Bay" map, a new game mode called "Lone Wolf" and a new craft called the "Mongoose". It's going to rock. ;) " – Sean McCafferty , Designer of DogFighter.

Details / Images  below and at

Game Mode: Lone Wolf

You against the world! Define your own match settings in this spin off from Survivor mode. How many points can you rack up against enemies featuring only the supercharged black death aircraft or in turbo mode? Where you need lightning fast reactions to gun down your foes?

Tutorial Mode

The last “missing piece of the puzzle” - Tutorial mode, a much demanded community feature is being added to the game. Attend flight school, and get the training you need before venturing into the merciless online arena.

Gameplay / Flight Rebalance

Gameplay is being retuned and remade in some cases from the ground up. All of the crafts attributes are being changed with the key goal being making it easier to fly while just as deadly in the skies. The sense of weight has been drastically increased, allowing for breakneck dives to pick up a short speed boost. Like flying low to the ground? Well the Turbo Boost has been re-tuned to the point where you can risk it all to zoom along the ground almost indefinitely... if you’ve got the skills to do so. These changes to the crafts handling have meant it’s become necessary to also re-tweak the weapon balance, with the net result being that while craft will stay intact longer in the air, acquiring a target and delivering a furious bucket of lead will become that much easier.

Configurable controls for Xbox controllers

The last piece of the controls puzzle is also complete, when full controller / flightstick support was originally added to the game. Xbox controllers still remained un-configurable, this problem has been rectified.

New Aircraft: The Mongoose

The "Mongoose" is a new breed of fighter with a boost that far exceeds even the breakneck speed of it's grandfather, the Swift. Thanks to its specially made prototype thruster strapped to its backside! However this speed and power comes at a cost; the Mongoose is prone to stalling while attempting to fly at any high altitude or at slower speeds. Beginners need not apply to fly this monster.

The Mongoose is the first new aircraft to be added to DogFighter

More information on the craft featured in DogFighter can be found at

New Level: Hoi Ling Bay

Hoi Ling Bay, inspired by the real life location of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam (of Top Gear fame!) becomes the first new map added to the game, The two main features of the map is the Temple of the Forgotten God, carved into the side of a mountain (and suspiciously fun to fly in?) and the fishing village, where the expert pilot can fly under the supports of the buildings, and dodge and weave between the rocks that break above the water.

More information on the different levels in DogFighter can be found at

Previous Updates you may have missed...

-          Joystick support for all devices

-          Demo Added

-          Dedicated servers added

A full patch history can be found here

DogFighter available on Steam here

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