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DME launches online games services set

Spread of options includes testing, market research, customer support and payment systems

Digital Media Exchange has announced the release of a services set aimed at developers and publishers of online games, which includes a spread of options including testing, market research, customer support and payment systems.

The company claims that the services will allow companies to make savings on such outsourced aspects of creating and running an online game, and also believes that it can help generate additional revenue with new incremental streams.

"The integrated, full life cycle offering DME now provides is the next step in the evolution of game services providers," said Scott Countryman, CEO of DME, stating his belief that local publishers for online games could soon become a thing of the past. "DME can help publishers reduce costs and create new monetisation models based on steady revenue from the world market.

"The global service provider approach allows companies to keep a bigger slice of revenues as well as retain full control over their IP," he added. "We can also help them manage their relationship with the end user, making sure they are engaged and encouraging them to purchase more services."

The full list of services offered by Philippines-based DME, which has already worked on a range of online properties including Mu and Build-a-Bear, encompasses:

  • Testing
  • Market research
  • Game management (including moderation and game masters)
  • Community management including player retention
  • Customer support
  • Increasing the player base
  • Adding revenue from activities gamers will pay for
  • Online payment systems

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