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Britsoft Publisher Scoops Deal To Bring Ace Adventure ‘The Moment of Silence’ To Scandinavia, Benelux and South Africa

British publisher Digital Jesters has grabbed the rights to publish the lavish adventure game 'The Moment of Silence' in Scandinavia, Benelux and South Africa. These territories are in addition to its existing UK publishing agreement.

The Moment of Silence, due in November 2004 for PC CD-ROM, marks the pinnacle of adventure gaming, with an intricate tale of espionage, government conspiracy and action. Developed by adventure specialists House of Tales, it mixes stunning production values with an intuitive interface, bringing the often-neglected genre bang up to date.

"Adventure games fans have been treated pretty poorly recently," says Terry Malham, Director, Digital Jesters, "which is why we're keen to bring The Moment of Silence to as many gamers as possible. These publishing agreements outside of our native territory are the first steps to becoming a truly international company, so we'll be going all-out to make the game as successful and as popular as possible."

The Moment of Silence will be published in the UK, Scandinavia, Benelux and South Africa by Digital Jesters in November 2004, price 44.99.


  • Cinematic adventure with pre-rendered sceneries
  • Mouse driven 3D characters
  • Multiple-choice dialogues
  • Highly immersive espionage thriller
  • Researched visions of the near future
  • 75 locations, designed by award-winning CG artists
  • More than 500 interactive screens
  • More than 35 speaking 3D characters - 8 hours of dialog
  • 30 minutes of full screen video Audio
  • 8 hours of professional voice acting - Lip synchronisation using phonetic voice analysis
  • Inverse Kinematics character animation, motion capture and Real-time facial expressions
  • Dynamic dialog scenes (camera angle changes)
  • Cougar Adventure Engine 2.0 (Developed by House of Tales)

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About Digital Jesters

Founded in 2003, Digital Jesters is a British-based publisher of computer and video games. Set up by the duo responsible for launching and establishing the Sudden Strike and Cossacks series of games in the UK, the firm's remit is simple: to source and publish the best games available. The company's commitment to originality resulting in it snapping up the original TrackMania game from French developer Nadeo and DJ's ethos of community development strategy resulted in the game becoming one of the sleeper hits of the year. A tie-in with record-breaking yachtswoman Ellen Macarthur for the firm's second release Virtual Skipper 3 ensured the game received widespread attention among the elusive non-gamer, and firmly placed the publisher on the map. The firm has enjoyed three top 10 PC hits and is expanding its operation to cover additional territories. It has also published its own comic book to widespread critical acclaim.

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