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Divine Souls

To launch in Japan early next year courtesy of Aeria.

- Concluding service contract for Japan through collaboration with ‘Aeria Games’

- In North America, conducting open beta test on Dec.14 through local publisher Outspark

- In Southeast Asia, conducting closed beta test on Dec.23 through local publisher Run Up

GamePrix(CEO Hong, Seong-wan) announced that it concluded service contract for its action RPG ‘Divine Soul’ targeting Japan with Japan’s on-line game publisher Aeria(Chairman: Takayuki Nagashima) and will launch service in Japan in the early 2011.

Aeria, which will be in charge of providing service in Japan for ‘Divine Soul’, is a specialized game publisher which was founded in 2002. Aeria established a foothold in Japanese on-line game service market through ‘Grand Fantasia’ and ‘Runes of Magic’ services and it has been listed in JASDAQ.

GamePrix, through this contract, has achieved success in extending market to Japan following its presence in market of North America in November of last year and in market of Southeast Asia such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan in July this year. It is also expected that contract with other countries such as Russia, Thailand, and South America will be concluded shortly.

CEO of GamePrix Hong, Seong-wan said, “It is great pleasure to conclude a contract with Aeria showing rapid growth in Japanese game market,” adding, “in order to make Divine Soul reborn as a game suit for taste of Japanese gamers with fastidious appetite toward game and who are pursuing more perfect game, full-fledged efforts are required,” showing resolution to raise quality of the game.

Chairman of Aeria Nagashima said, “It is very pleasant to enter into contract with GamePrix which developed the ‘Divine Soul.’” The reason why we chose ‘Divine Soul’ out of many game titles is due to the fact that this game shows high quality and that we have trust in technology and development structure of GamePrix.” He continued, “From now on, we will do our best to achieve success of ‘Divine Soul’ in Japanese market and we hope that Gameprix and Aeria can be the best partner to each other that can maintain reliability for a long time.”

Meanwhile, open beta test( for ‘Divine Soul’ targeting users of North America will begin from Dec.14, and the closed beta test( is being prepared for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia on Dec.23.  


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