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Divine Souls

GamePrix's MMORPG launches North American open beta today.

GamePrix has announced that the long-waited Open Beta Service for <Divine Soul> in North America will finally begin in Dec. 14 by OutSpark(US Publisher of Divine Soul), presenting newly added elegant contents that will encourage players one step closer to a deeper and more passionate game play.

Not only that, OutSpark will offer special events for players in North America. 

<Divine Soul>, which recorded the highest number of concurrent users in the history of OutSpark CBT in its very first closed beta, with its unique spectacular combo actions and dramatic graphic, is planned to be offered some events such as, first of all, providing special titles to users with above 20 levels, up to the highest level.(Consecutive to CBT1, 2)

There will also be a SparkCash event which 1Million SparkCash will continuously deduct 2500 SparkCash every hour until SparkCash sold out and will be awarded as a prize to the very first 3 players who reached the level cap in each world.

<Divine Soul> is an ambitious work from GamePrix, a relatively new Online Game Development Company in Korea that brilliant 3D actions, spectacular combo skills, character leveling system in MMORPG and the strain of PvP combat are exquisitely well blended.

<Divine Soul> unprecedentedly supports Console Gamepad, providing more delightful game play to the player.



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