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Divine Soul

"Fast, pleasurable and never-ending" MMORPG puts the emphasis on action.

An unexpected rival has appeared in the recent fad in the MORPG market. It is ‘Divine Soul’, the game receiving consistent love call and already concluding contracts with multiple overseas publishers. Just as normal MORPG games did, Divine Soul also offers its greatest merit as having excellent action basis. Yet, Divine Soul looks further into the future.

Enjoying Competition Action Online

The action of Divine Soul is special. It’s fast, pleasurable and never-ending. Above all, Divine Soul’s action is unique in that it is optimized for competition. Divine Soul has focused its completeness as an action game on competition between users, or PVP, since its initial stages of development. The developers poured their efforts on embodying PVP falling short of no competition action games, while creating an MORPG often played in arcades or on console games.

The most important factor in competition action is the balance between characters. Divine Soul offers four classes including Fighter, Slasher, Magic Shooter and Priest. Currently, three classes are embodied excluding the Priest. Each class is specialized for close-quarter combat, mid-range combat and long-range combat, allowing users to enjoy the game to their taste.

Currently, the balance between the close-quarter combat character, Fighter and mid-range combat character, Slasher, is very well-adjusted. The Mage is somewhat difficult to handle at early levels due to its feature of long-range attacks, but it is powerful when in the hands of experienced users. The last class, Priest, is not completed with balancing, and is not offered on game.

Targeting the World Championship

Since Divine Soul places great importance on competition, its developer, GamePrix, is greatly interested in game competitions including e-sports. As a result of testing the game through professional gamers of Tekken, a famous martial arts game, it received the response that the playability is as good as Tekken.

Divine Soul has a system of putting all users into a single PVP server without limitation to channel or boundary, in order to activate its PVP system. Even more, it is developing for all users to enjoy PVP with overseas users through a single server even if the publishers are different by nation.

PVP is further divided into 1VS1 matches, 4VS4 team matches, and even 16VS 16 territorial matches, with a systematic basis for holding international matches using its feature of a globally integrated server. GamePrix has the goal of hosting a World Championship of distinguishing the best player out of all global users including various tournaments by specializing Divine Soul’s PVP aspect.

Circulatory Contents Overcoming Insufficient Contents

Although the market houses numerous MORPGs, they are all faced with the same problem of insufficient contents. In reality, highly complete games that rake in popularity during the early stages of its services soon face insufficient contents, as well as users abandoning the game altogether. Divine Soul is preparing circulatory contents in order to overcome this common problem of MORPGs.

PVP lies in the center of circulatory contents of Divine Soul. Users can use PVE to grow their characters, obtain new equipments and learn new skills, and then compete advantageously over other users through PVP. Also, there are items and achievements available only through PVP, which force the users to enjoy PVP in order to strengthen their characters even more.

In addition, Divine Soul’s PVP offers numerous contents besides items to induce users who have enjoyed all the contents provided to immerse themselves in PVP. Of course, the system is considerate towards users inexperienced in PVP through various systems including practice modes, to improve the overall accessibility.

Still, it does not entail the Divine Soul’s insufficiency of contents excluding PVP. It has already established various quests along with a complete PVE mode. GamePrix strives for the ultimate goal of the circulatory structure of users growing their characters in PVE mode to enjoy PVP, and then using items obtained through PVP to facilitate their growth in PVE.


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