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Diver: Deep Water Adventures»: surface mission in Lyons

For immediate release

November 11, 2006

Biart company is happy to present the first diving simulator in Russia and even in the world - "Diver: Deep Water Adventures" at Game Connection 2006 which will be held on 5-7 December in Lyons , France . During exhibition will be demonstrated final PC-version of the game and its Xbox conversion. Biart representatives in Lyons companies CEO Konstantin Popov and CTO Ilia Stepanov invite you to visit our "Diver: Deep Water Adventures" booth.

We should remind that Biart company announced finalization of development in the August 2006 and both functions - diving simulator and arcade - were accomplished in "Diver: DWA". Game creators, considerable part of whose are real divers, paid special attention to the simulator authenticity. The real diving equipment from leading world manufacturers like Scubapro, Tigullio, Uwatec, Sea&Sea, Camaro, and Waterproof is used in the game. And what is more a lot of missions are based on the real diving sites. For example the wreck-diving to the "Thistlegorm" ship, which was sunken in the Red Sea during the World War II, is waiting for the player.

Finally "Diver: DWA" became as they say "two in one": authentic simulator and full-fledged game. Creators are sure that "Diver: DWA" will not just be to divers liking but also to the mass gamers. Nowadays "Diver: DWA" already 'gone gold' in France and Germany.

Look-and-feel features of "Diver: DWA":

The complex diving simulator Strategy/action mixture 2 types of the game: arcade and simulator The training system and video courses A possibility to explore the real sunken ships The real diving sites The real equipment of the leading trade marks Ability of lift the treasures Giant sea predators' hunting The possibility to make photos underwater Diving in the night and during the day

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Contact: Andrew Lvov

Title: pr-manager

Company: BIART Ltd.


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