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Distribution is key, says Nokia exec

Must take precedence over content

Nokia's Mark Ollila has told that he believes distribution is more important that content when it comes to getting mobile phone owners playing games.

Speaking in an exclusive interview Ollila said, "I have this saying: content is king, or queen, but distribution is King Kong.

"You can have the best content in the world but if you can't get to to the user with an easy mechanism, then that content is worthless."

Nokia is set to re-launch N-Gage later this year as a connected gaming platform for multiple handsets. Ollila admitted that distribution has been a problem for the company in the past, despite the ability of the N-Gage phones to produce relatively powerful graphics.

"We just had problems with distribution. Now, with our strategy going forward our whole N-Gage platform is an end-to-end platform across multiple devices," he explained.

"What we did learn was that people don't necessarily want, or need a dedicated gaming device, but they still want to play games.... That's this end to end consumer experience that we're delivering right now across these multimedia computers, these N-series devices.

"The consumer decides what device they want, what fun factor they want, and they get a very good gaming experience," Ollila concluded.

To read the full interview, click here.

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