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Tilt-controlled 3D platformer with a boogie theme.

For Immediate Release

Austin, TX -- December 20, 2010 -- D7 Games, A Division of D7 Studios, Inc. announces the release of DiscoTech, a silver-studded 3D labyrinth game for Android, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, bringing back memories of afros, roller-skates, and luminous 1970s dance floors. Players jive with DiscoTech’s stone groovy tracks while maneuvering their character, a silver disco ball, through 15 vibrant levels and squaring off against smooth-operating bosses along the way! Can ya dig it?

DiscoTech is a tilt-controlled fully 3D platform game where players control their onscreen disco ball from a third-person perspective. Immersed in a psychedelic boogie-down universe where the music never stops, players must steer their disco ball to a level-clearing destination while avoiding lasers, disappearing dance floor tiles, and swinging hammers. In order to navigate and escape this labyrinth of funk, players must also find switches to mysterious trap doors and teleport through portals to unlock different sectors of each maze.

Players can also earn new disco ball skins by finding hidden records in each stage while competing against completion times posted by DiscoTech’s developers to earn far out Time Trial Trophies. In addition to challenging the developers for the fastest times, players must out-dance the evil Dark Grid Spheres along the way to be crowned the undisputed king of disco!

“DiscoTech is about tapping into one’s inner disco king... or queen. We set out to encapsulate an entire decade of celebration and expression into a single iPhone experience, and we’re thrilled with the finished product,” says Tony Hobdy, Executive Producer at D7 Games. “Our team is comprised of enthusiastic, dedicated, and talented contributors, and we feel DiscoTech embodies all of these qualities in its presentation and gameplay”.

DiscoTech is available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store or at:

DiscoTech is available for $0.99 on the Android Marketplace or at:

For more information, please visit:



About D7 Games, A Division of D7 Studios, Inc.:

Created from the talent and experience of D7 Studios, Inc., an animation and film studio since 2001, D7 Games was founded in 2010 by by Tony Hobdy and Arik Renee Avila. A division of D7 Studios, we are a small team of enthusiastic, dedicated, and talented developers and artists. Our ultimate goal is to create fun and addictive games for the masses and to stay connected with the local and independent game production public. We hope that you will come with us on our journey from startup to superpower. Stick around for awhile, we’ll do our best to entertain you because Reality Sucks.

Contact Info:

Cara Anderson

832 875 3526

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