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Disciples III: Renaissance

Details on the Elves playable faction.

Ridgewood, NJ, June 24, 2010 - Kalypso Media and Akella today released new information about the Elves, one of the three playable factions in Disciples III: Renaissance. In the fantasy world of Disciples III, the Elven Alliance's goal is to maintain the balance of power between all factions within the mystical world of Nevendaar. Download our new faction overview and prepare yourself for fantastic turn-based tactical combat in Disciples III: Renaissance, which will be released this summer on Windows PC by Kalypso Media and Akella.

Disciples III: Renaissance is the next title in the award-winning Disciples series and represents a huge leap forward in the evolution of the turn-based RPG/strategy genre. Building on the successes of the first two games, Disciples III: Renaissance introduces a host of new features as well as the compelling gameplay that made the previous titles so popular.

Disciples III: Renaissance will be available on Windows PC in summer 2010. For more information on Disciples III: Renaissance, please visit .

Elven Alliance Overview

In Disciples III's mystical land of Nevendaar, three factions face off against one another for control of the world -- The Empire, The Legions of the Damned and the Elven Alliance. Each faction is fighting for a specific cause, be it complete domination of Nevendaar, or simply maintaining the balance between good and evil.

In this final Factions overview, we take a look at The Elven Alliance, an ancient, noble race who live in the forests of Nevendaar and strive for peace and harmony to keep the natural balance of the world.

The Elves are the eldest race, wise and always mournful (probably because they have lived for too long and seen so much of evil and injustice), Elves rarely venture from their homes in the lush woods and thickets.

The first sentient beings in Nevendaar, the Elves were accustomed to solitude, and therefore they don't much trust outsiders, rightfully believing that they will disturb the Elves' peace. Like men, Elves combine two opposites – they are intelligent, wise and noble, but at the same time they are rather wild and somewhat cruel. But the cause of such duality is not the same as in the case of men. Such disarray is caused not by the freedom of will which humans possess, but rather the nature of the divine being, to which they still have a strong connection.

Gallean, the Elven god and creator, severely punished by Mortis for his betrayal, combines the two sides of his nature – one is a benevolent being, full of love to all living things, and the other is a violent beast bent on destruction. And so, the elves divided as well – some are noble, and some are wild. The first are open to the world and willing to make alliances with other friendly races. Wild elves on the other hand, seek only peace and solitude, and those who dare to disturb them will quickly make themselves powerful enemies.

The Elven realm is the kingdom of autumnal forests, and eternal autumn is in the hearts of the elves. For this is the essence of the Elven race: the beauty of departing life, great wisdom and great sorrow, and the presentiment of the coming sleep, which may turn out to be eternal. Very few realize that deep in their hearts, they hope to see the very distant but so longed-for spring.

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