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Survival horror games reduced.

Between now and 10 a.m. PST on 1/24, preorder some of the most anticipated suspense titles for 20% off using code SURVIVAL at checkout and fight for survival in fan-favorites, including:

BioShock 2 : Explore the ruins of a battered but dangerous dystopia as the prototype for the series' iconic Big Daddy, clashing with the Rapture's most powerful denizen, the Big Sister. Penumbra Collection : Encounter strange, murderous creatures in a world fraught with peril while searching out the meaning behind a letter between and estranged father and his son. Dead Space : Battle the twisted, mutated crew of a mining spaceship alone in a remote solar system and discover the truth of their transformation.  Additionally, those that pre-order the highly-anticipated Dead Space 2 from D2D can now pre-load the game file and be ready to play right when the game goes live on Tuesday morning.

For more details and to review D2D's huge library of more than 2,500 games, check out

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