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Dire Wolf Game Studio

Industry vets join forces to form new studio.

DENVER, CO – JULY 13, 2010 – Dire Wolf Digital announced the formation of its new game development studio in Denver, Colorado. The company was founded by Scott Martins, previously founder of Worlds Apart Productions, and studio head of Sony Online Entertainment Denver.

Mr. Martins is joined by other principals from Worlds Apart/SOE Denver, to form a team of game designers and developers with over a decade of experience, and with credits that include The Lord of the Rings ® Online Trading Card Game (TCG), the StargateTM TCG, Legends of Norrath ® (the EverQuest ® -integrated TCG), the Star Wars GalaxiesTM TCG, and the Free Realms ® TCG.

Dire Wolf will be emphasizing “Anytime, Anyplace” play with its technology, ultimately allowing customers to play from multiple types of clients (web/social, mobile, console), all connecting to a single back-end.

The company is currently producing a trading card game based on an upcoming massively-multiplayer online game, and is in pre-production on additional social and strategy game projects for 2011.

“With the proven track record and passion of our veteran team, Dire Wolf is poised to become a leader in the digital collectibles space,” said Martins. “We want to continue to make fun games that fans of all ages can enjoy and play for years to come.”

About Dire Wolf Digital

Dire Wolf Digital designs and develops online strategy and social games, specializing in digital collectibles and trading card and miniatures games. Dire Wolf is a one-stop design and development studio for companies looking to extend their brands and create synergies with collectible gaming in their communities. Based in Denver, CO, the Dire Wolf staff has shipped more than ten titles and thirty expansions in this space. For more information or employment opportunities, please visit: .

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