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DIPLOMACY launches player to player chat

Folllowing the UK release of Diplomacy, the PC game, Paradox Interactive has received a great deal of valuable feedback from the Diplomacy and strategy gaming communities.

One of the most requested features was the player-to-player chat in multiplayer mode, something Paradox Interactive has taken to heart.

The new 1.3 update therefore introduces this feature, as well as the ability to view any finished games and much more.

New features include:

- Private Player-to-Player chat.

When negotiating, only the player(s) you are currently in negotiation with will see your messages. This communication is indicated in the colour green.

- It is now possible to view other player's finished games through the ladder interface.

This also allows you to download the games and view them in singleplayer mode, where you can analyse the moves and strategies of the champions.

New interface features include:

- Some dialogues have been cleaned up and are easier to read.

- The font size of the in-game chat has been increased to make it easier to read.

- Online games are now always saved on the server and not locally.

To download the 1.3 update please go to:

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