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Diplomacy breaks down. Greed takes over. War is imminent

For immediate release.

November 15, 2006

Lonely Troops is proud to announce a new computer game experience, War on Folvos - a strategy turn-based ride set amidst the turbulent takeover of a near-defenceless desert planet.

"As the mighty Vasgalans prepare to finalise their assimilation of Folvos into their ever-expanding Empire, there is trouble brewing on the planet's surface. Different factions vie for control. A Rebel army is rising, and a wanted man flees into the barren landscape, hotly pursued by a relentless Colonel..."

Players can take control of the principal factions on each side of the conflict as they duel it out across Folvos' landscape: both the Vasgalan Empire and the Rebel Army. Each of the two campaigns contains nine scenarios which will take the player through this bitter conflict.

Despite being turn-based, the game itself is swift, fast-paced and action-packed. Simple rules, intuitive controls and a highly-developed turn-based system guarantees a high level of tactical options and high levels of playability whether you are beginner or seasoned veteran. In addition, the game contains a short tutorial campaign which immediately brings you up to speed with the game's mechanics. But remember: becoming the one true Commander is a long and challenging path. You will need to master large battlefields with many different units on each side in order to emerge victorious.

Expect exceptional visual and sound quality, all in detailed 3D with numerous visual effects; each unit has its own animations and realistic sound effects so you can see precisely what is happening on the battleground at any time, all set to a stirring musical score. For more details, visit

"We are trying to breathe a little fresh air into the genre" - said Jaroslav Kurcik, Development Leader at Lonely Troops. "Others are trying to bring more and more complex rules to their turn-based strategy games only because their games are turn-based. I think that even turn-based strategy can be simple and accessible. War on Folvos is like that. It is swift, intriguing and extremely playable."

The latest version of War on Folvos features:

An intriguing game story. A highly developed turn-based system optimized for playability. Simple rules and intuitive controls. A 3D battlefield gives you detailed control over your units. Full battle score. 20 unique scenarios with 20 different types of military unit. Pricing and Availability

War on Folvos is now available under Windows 2000/XP and costs $19.95(USD). The registered version of the game features unlocked all campaigns and scenarios, free game updates and technical support.

The trial version of War on Folvos contains four scenarios from the full version. It can be downloaded from

About Lonely Troops

Founded in 2004, Lonely Troops is an independent game development team from Slovakia. This small two-man team consists of brothers Jaroslav and Tomas Kurcik but is open to work hand in hand with any developers worldwide. The team's goal is to make first rate shareware games with strong strategic themes. They are relative beginners, having finished only one game - War on Folvos. More information is available at

NOTE TO EDITORS: A free registration key for a review is available upon request. Contact Jaroslav Kurcik at for more information or to request a registration key.

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Contact: Jaroslav Kurcik

Company: Lonely Troops

Title: Development Leader


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