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Dino Stomp

Prehistoric squash-'em-up launched on Facebook.

For Immediate Release

Sydney, Aust. 2 nd December 2010: 

There seems to be no stopping Dinoroar Interactive.  In just over one month they have created their first mobile games application Memory Loss in 3 major platforms (Symbian, Android and Apple), created loyal fans through their use of smart and quirky humour within their website ( ) and now have just announced the release of their first games application; Dino Stomp for the ever popular social Network Facebook.

CEO and Founder of Dinoroar Interactive, Aileen Bautista says it all comes down to passion.  “If you want it to happen, you just have to make it happen.”  She says.  “I’m lucky to have a great team of passionate and like minded individuals who can align themselves with my vision”.

Dino Stomp may look simple in its game play ( stomp and destroy items in your path ) but it comes down to little details that will win you the game.  For example, each item is work a certain amount of points.  If a dedicated player wanted to be number 1 they would strategically stomp on these items to gain maximum points.  Another example is the use of extra time.  Dinoroar Interactive has enabled players to “buy” more time enabling them maximum results in their end score.  Avoiding the obstacle (  Spider  ) also leads you to better results.

The decision to produce two replica games (one in single player mode and the other in arcade mode) enables Dinoroar Interactive to appeal to a much wider audience.  Though the concept is simple it will definitely be played by small kids and big kids alike.

Dino Stomp is now available in single player mode if you feel like challenging yourself ( found in the Dinoroar Website: ) or in arcade mode if you feel like challenging your friends ( found in Facebook: ) 

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