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Dino Rush

Marvin the Mammoth shortly to arrive via 1.1 update.

One of the most appreciated endless running iPhone games on the App Store, will be receiving a significant update adding a new desert world, new fruit and obsatcle layouts and even a new character!

Meet Marvin the Mammoth!

Marvin normally lives a quiet life in the ice world.

However, with recent climate changes, he’s found out that surviving winter get’s a little harder every year.

He’s decided it was high time he started to stock up for this coming winter with …you guessed it, FRUIT!

Besides, he’s always wanted a vacation to explore the world….

Dino Rush is going to be offering a lot more of that entertaining fruit silliness!

The update will be submitted to the App Store this week and should be available within the following weeks.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dino Rush, the whole premise of the game is to get Dundy the baby Dino as far as you can in tropical wilderness, whilst eating fruit along the way so he doesn’t starve.

Sound easy? Well, it would be if there were no obstacles such as predators or melting lava to get in your way, along with the need to constantly feed Dundy fruit so his energy stays up!

Dino Rush also has Game Center , leaderboards ,achievements and retina graphics, factors that should entice many.  

You can check out the game here:

And you can adopt your own dinosaur or mammoth on the Appstore  today:

The game is available for only $0.99. 

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