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Dinner Date

Romantic two-for-one deal; soundtrack available.

The independent developer STOUT GAMES announces a VALENTINE TWO-FOR-ONE deal on its title „DINNER DATE” - along with a copy of the DINNER DATE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK for all purchasers, compliments of Stout Games.

Last year STOUT GAMES released its début drama „DINNER DATE”, which was recently nominated for the IGF NUOVO AWARD. In theme with Valentine’s day, Stout Games offers its contender for the DEFINITIVE LONELY VALENTINE at a TWO-FOR-ONE deal. For the low price of €4.95 (approx. $6.70) purchasers will receive two copies and soundtracks to match. This offer is only made around Valentine’s and lasts until 7pm GMT on February 15 th.

The unique nature of „Dinner Date”, in which you become the subconsciousness of Julian Luxemburg as he anxiously waits for his date, is what has earned it its Nuovo Award nomination. As his perfect preparation becomes subdued by his increasing worries you will be with him in a startlingly intimate way. By doing the small, natural actions of Julian, such as tapping the table and looking at the clock while simultaneously listening to Julian’s stream of thoughts you gain a perspective on him that gives you the chance to know Julian better than he knows himself.

This singular form of play in „Dinner Date” is complimented by a original score which was met with high acclaim from reviewers. The music, composed by Than van Nispen tot Pannerden, is now re-mastered specially for the purpose of release as a soundtrack. It is both a pleasant listen and a dulcet memento of playing the game itself.

With this deal and new release Stout Games hopes that more players may find out what goes on in the mind of a man being stood up, along with whether the girl will come and how long he can bare listening to the ticking clock.

Dates and price

- Dinner Date is available for €4.95 ($6.70), with two copies for the price of one on and around Valentine’s day.

Dinner Date – Context

Dinner Date was released amongst commercial titles such as The Graveyard and The Path (Tale of Tales, 2006, 2009) as well as Heavy Rain (Quantic Dream, 2010) and Dear Esther (The Chinese Room, 2008) and free mods such as and Handle with Care (Radiator Games, 2009), titles which have at times polarized journalists and gamers by deviating from established norms. It has been met with keen interest from press with a large number of articles, reviews and interviews in both online and physical press. Dinner Date fits in a current trend of developers taking very different approaches to games and being met with encouraging reactions from press and players, showing a lot of opportunities for innovative developers.

Dinner Date – Credits

Stout Games – Jeroen D. Stout (

Music – Than van Nispen tot Pannerden (

Stout Games – The Developer

Stout Games has been founded by Jeroen D. Stout, a scholar in gamedesign with a Master of Arts in Gamedesign & Development at the Utrecht School of the Arts (Netherlands) and a Master of Science in Computer Games Technology at the University of Portsmouth (United Kingdom). In Portsmouth he was supervised by Dr Dan Pinchbeck (creator of cultural classics Dear Esther and Korsakovia) and became enthused to begin developing games commercially, still following the fascination for original play that has been with him ever since playing The Graveyard (Tale of Tales, 2006) for the first time. In publishing Dinner Date he founded Stout Games, the goal of which is creating games innovative in play, using intelligent subject matters and infused with romantic-realistic plots and settings. Jeroen is intent on furthering art games by combining an academic perspective with a passion for all classical arts and romantic-realistic literature.


More information

Mail to for enquiries, requests for interviews with Jeroen D Stout and requests for review codes.


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