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Friday 3 December 2004/... It's great news for continental gamers, as Ignition Entertainment announces The King Of Fighters: Maximum Impact is to come to Europe. This latest 3D iteration of SNK's most famous fighting franchise will be available with a bonus "Making of..." DVD in February '05, with a SRP of £39.99 for PlayStation 2.

Maximum Impact is the first time King of Fighters has gone 3D. Whilst three-dimensional versions of two-dimensional games can often fail to capture the spirit of the originals, KOFMI fuses next-generation visuals with the traditional fighting style of King of Fighters to create a game fans of the series will instantly feel at home with.

The key to this is the furious speed combined with KOF's fighting system, which has evolved over the last 10 years into the most perfect form of console combat. This has been integrated into a three-dimensional arena in which dramatic combos, breathtaking specials and awe-inspiring special abilities can be pulled off with glorious aplomb.

More than that, it has a re-jigged combo system that brings the world of KOF to the masses. Settings can be adjusted and additional presses assigned to various keys for those not confident - or skilful - enough to pull off a succession of quick-fire combos.

The King of Fighters series going 3D is a historic moment, and as such SNK are giving away a special bonus DVD with the title that shows the making of this seminal title, among other extras. A chance to see inside the minds of the creators, this limited edition disc is a sure-fire treat for any King of Fighters fans.

Maximum Impact features tons of new characters and gameplay modes alongside an option to enable the original Japanese voices, to create the authentic Eastern experience. The PAL release boasts full 60hz compatibility, for those with suitable hardware.

"Maximum Impact is King of Fighters evolved," says Peter Rollinson, Product Manager, Ignition Entertainment. "It succeeds where others have failed by retaining its essence - but with an additional dimension. The game's critical and commercial success in Japan shows how much its native audience have welcomed the move to 3D - and we can't wait to see how European fighters react."


  • First time ever in 3D!
  • Comes with "Making of..." bonus DVD
  • Optional original Japanese voices
  • Various ways to play - including an all-new mission structure
  • Brand new characters and story line
  • Exciting combo options
  • Stacks of unlockables - including outfits and stages

Max Impact will be available for PS2 , Feb '05, with a suggested retail price of £39.99


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