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Daily 99 cent deals for Android, iOS, PC and Mac devices.

Berlin, March 29, 2011: Everybody likes games. Everybody likes deals. Nobody likes to spend a lot of money. DigitalPeanuts.com builds on those three core concepts by offering its users daily deals for mobile and digital games that cost no more than 99 cents and have an additional minimum saving of 50%. 

Users simply sign up to the service for free and get a daily newsletter with the best 99 cent deals for the gaming platform of their choice. Daily "digital peanuts" are available for Android phones, iPhone and iPad, PC and Mac. 

DigitalPeanuts.com cooperates with more than 50 digital download stores, including Apple and Amazon, to provide attractive deals. Additional support is provided by Deals4Downloads.com, the shopping search portal for digital games.

Users can now sign up for the closed beta at http://www.digitalpeanuts.com.

During the Beta phase the service focuses on deal delivery via its newsletter and website as a proven interface for users. But DigitalPeanuts' CTO, Michael Krenz, states "While the web and email newsletter are a convenient and straight forward way of getting our message out to our users, we are aware that more and more people are using their mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets to do their daily shopping. So it's obvious that we will have to go there as well."

Sebastian Lindig, CEO, adds "While working on Deals4Downloads.com we were always wondering why nobody came up with the idea to apply the Groupon concept to digital games. We also learned that 99 cent is a magical barrier for many people when shopping for games. So we didn't just want to copy the idea. We chose instead to build something that resembles those supermarket shelves immediately before the checkout, filled with 99 cent sweets. You usually just grab them without much thinking. By making sure that our users additionally save at least a 50%, our offer is even more irresistible."  

About DigitalPeanuts.com

DigitalPeanuts is a service offered by Berlin based startup company Bitfish. It offers daily deals for mobile and other digital games that cost 99 cents or less and come with a minimum saving of 50%. It is scheduled for full release later this year.

Bitfish leaves the brick and mortar market behind by building services around the growing market of digitally distributed content. The company runs DigitalPeanuts.com and Deals4Downloads.com, the first deal and shopping search portal for digitally distributed download games. 

For more information about Deals4Download.com please contact:

Sebastian Lindig

Email: press@bitfish.com

Web: http://www.digitalpeanuts.com


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