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Digital Jesters go online with Games Press

Recently launched publisher Digital Jesters has opened its online media centre, which was designed and implemented for the company by press site specialist Games Press.

The new site is based on the same content management system that powers the popular webite, and offers users instant access to materials and assets — while giving Digital Jesters powerful tools for adding new assets and monitoring the use of the site.

"Games Press managed to deliver on what they promised, which is great!" according to Digital Jesters marketing director Leo Zullo. "Theyâve managed to integrate our look and style perfectly with their hugely invaluable press system. Itâs simple for us to use yet extremely powerful at the same time."

"As a start-up, Digital Jesters needed their site on time and on budget," explains Games Press production director Jonathan Davies. "Thanks to the three years of hard work weâve put into the Games Press site, we were able to launch an online Media Centre for Digital Jesters in record time for a keen price."

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