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Digital Jesters cast a GameShadow

Publisher Digital Jesters has announced that its future titles will be supported for free by the GameShadow service - a system which simplifies the process of downloading the latest updates, patches and drivers to ensure optimum performance of PC games.

GameShadow generally costs UKP 9.95 per year for a subscription, but this new bundling deal with supply the service - which is ideal for more casual gamers who find it hard to keep up to date with recent patches and drivers - for free to Digital Jesters' customers.

"This is a further example of how Digital Jesters is aiming to offer its consumers even more value for money," commented Leo Zullo, marketing director at the firm. "From the off, we've aimed to support our players and communities with benefits and bonuses above and beyond the call of duty. GameShadow is a revolutionary service which has radically altered the landscape of PC gaming, and we're delighted to be able to offer this to our players for free."

The first title to ship with GameShadow will be Chaos League, described intriguingly as a "revolutionary fantasy sports strategy game", which is set to arrive at retail on August 6th.

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