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Digital Jesters Broaden Horizons For 2005

Exclusive UK Distribution Deal Secured With French Publisher Nobilis

Britsoft publisher Digital Jesters is set to further expand its portfolio of titles for 2005 as the firm announces a fresh partnership with French publisher Nobilis.

The deal provides Digital Jesters with exclusive UK distribution rights for a range of new titles, with eight confirmed releases both on PC CD-ROM and PlayStation 2 over the coming year.

The first batch of new titles to result from this new deal are expected in Summer 2005, and include several PlayStation 2 titles, including Kuon, Armored Core Nexus, Echo Night Beyond, along with arcade air combat game Rebel Raiders on PC CD-ROM and PlayStation 2.

Digital Jesters recently announced its first PlayStation 2 title 7-Sins, which is due for release in May 2005. The agreement with Nobilis extends Digital Jesters' move into more mainstream areas, cementing the company's commitment to providing quality games for both PC and console markets.

Nobilis, founded in 2001, has a wealth of multi-platform distribution experience behind them, as well as partnerships with a number of well-known developers and publishers.

"The partnership with Nobilis is one which we feel will be extremely beneficial not only in terms of bolstering the quality and diversity of our products, but also in strengthening our position in the market," said Graham Chambers, Sales Director, Digital Jesters.

"We are delighted to have signed this new agreement with Digital Jesters, and consider this as the beginning of a long and rewarding partnership", Arnaud Blacher , CEO, Nobilis said.

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