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Digital Doundry Reveals 'Hybrid' High Definition DVDs


London, England (May 17 2006) - Digital Foundry Ltd today announces an important new technology designed to maximise the marketing potential of the next generation of Xbox 360, PS3 and PC high definition video games. The company's 'hybrid' DVDs work on any DVD player or modern PC and are automatically optimised to show the very best picture quality depending on the platform they are played on.

Richard Leadbetter, Director of Digital Foundry Ltd, says, 'The fact of the matter is we have high definition video games out there in the here and now, with no playback format capable of showing them at their best. Digital Foundry's unique hybrid disk technology allows for next gen game video to run in native HD on any recent PC, or on Xbox 360 via the Media Centre connection, while at the same time offering a brilliant picture on any DVD player, and even the PS2.'

As the hybrid disk cleverly exploits both the DVD-Video and DVD-ROM specifications, it is also cheap to manufacture - masters can be supplied to the client's current DVD duplicator of choice. Up to 40 minutes of high definition video can be included on a standard single-layer DVD.

'The Digital Foundry Hybrid DVD is speci.cally designed to showcase next gen games at the best possible picture quality on PC and any DVD player,' says Richard Leadbetter, 'These are the video playback platforms that 100% of the target userbase has access to. For marketing projects that truly showcase the visual might of next gen graphics, nothing else gets close.'

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For further information please contact:

Richard Leadbetter (richard.leadbetter@digitalfoundry.org)
Tel: 020 8133 1898

About Digital Foundry
Founded in January 2004, Digital Foundry Ltd is one of the world's only video games speci.c video production studios, run by dedicated gaming staff, with over 45 years of experience in the games industry between them. Digital Foundry combines an immense level of gaming knowledge with the best video capture and editing technology in the gaming industry, bar none. The result is video trailers, DVDs, b-roll and high definition assets that show dynamic footage of games as they should be shown, along with the very best picture quality possible. Digital Foundry clients include Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Ziff Davis, Nintendo, Prima Games, Future Publishing, Ubisoft, Vivendi, Eidos and Climax Studios.

About Microsoft Preferred High definition Studios
With the move to high definition video, Microsoft suggests to all third party Xbox 360 games publishers that they prepare video promotional assets in high definition in order to properly showcase HD gaming. To ensure a high level of video quality and authentic HD playback, Microsoft has prepared a list of 20 external studios worldwide who have measured up to their criteria both in terms of video quality and the handling of high definition material. Digital Foundry Ltd is one of these 'preferred high definition studios' and has supplied Live Marketplace trailers for key titles such as MotoGP 06 and Burnout Revenge 360.

About Digital Foundry Media
Digital Foundry's principals are Richard Leadbetter and Gary Harrod - two of the most experienced print journalists in the business, having worked on 100,000+ selling titles such as Mean Machines, PSW, Computer and Video Games, Of.cial Nintendo Magazine and Die Hard Game Fan. Digital Foundry Media offers quality print services to the games industry, such as custom magazines, advertorials, game sleeve art, manuals and other print products. No other media company knows you, your games and your customers better than Digital Foundry Media.

More information about Digital Foundry can be found at www.digitalfoundry.org ;

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