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Digital distributor Libredia to enter publishing

German company plans to publish half a dozen titles by the end of 2018

Digital distributor Libredia announced today that it will enter games publishing. The company will expand its team in the coming months as it begins to publish new titles, as well as take over publishing for some games it already distributes.

"With our strong global presence working with over 120 partners and hundreds of portals and digital stores around the globe, we have established an ideal basis for the distribution of digital entertainment products," said COO Stefan Layer. "It is only reasonable to use this potential for the successful placement of our own products on a wide scale, on top of our existing line-up."

Libredia will begin with publication of Meteorbyte Studios' roguelike shooter, Woodpunk, and will also take over publishing two games it currently distributes: GUTS and Bohemian Killing. The latter two will receive updates and new features for upcoming planned console releases.

The publisher's ultimate goal is to have a portfolio of at least six titles by the end of 2018.

In the past, Libredia has served as distributor for a variety of titles across PC, console, and mobile. While entering international publishing is the company's current focus, it will continue to serve as a distributor for developers looking to self-publish.

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