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Digimon Battle

Dracomon is the first new Digimon of 2011. Well done Dracomon!

“We’re very excited to be bringing the newest update for Digimon Battle to our International players,” said Jamie Cho, General Manager of Strategic Global Marketing at WeMade.  “As we approach the game’s one year anniversary we are so pleased with the support of the fans and we’re happy to provide them with a new Digimon to bond and grow with.”

Dracomon’s Natural Digivolution line, which can be obtained simply by leveling, is as follows:

Babydmon, Dracomon (Data), Coredramon-G (Virus), Groundramon (Virus), Breakdramon (Virus)

For players looking for a greater challenge, they can instead card Digivolve the following line:

Babydmon, Dracomon (Data), Coredramon-B (Vaccine), Wingdramon (Vaccine), Slayerdramon (Vaccine)

Digimon Battle is an online multiplayer RPG based off the hit anime's third season, Tamers.  Players explore both the real world and a “Digital World” filled with both friends and foes.  Players will take on both wild Digital Monsters (Digimon) as well as other Tamers in order to see who the best in the land is.  Raise your own Digimon up from a baby start, all the way to Mega form, choosing how they transform along the way with special Dig-Eggs.  Save the Digital World and ensure peace returns to these brave and heroic creatures!

For more information on Digimon Battle, visit .  Follow Twitter @digimonbattle or check out the Facebook at!/digimonbattle


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