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Digimask Autohead

28th June 2006

Digimask is proud to announce the release of their fully-automated head-creation system. Believed to be the only automated solution in the world for this type of application, Digimask Autohead will scan one or two photographs (front and profile) of a person's head and create a fully-articulated 3D model of that head in less than one minute. This replaces the traditional 'point-marking' technique used in previous versions.

In addition to games applications, the Digimask Autohead can be used for mobile phone applications in tandem with a server-based solution, allowing users to receive and send fun messages, screensavers, etc which incorporates their own talking/emoting heads.

For videogames, creating a fully-animatable Digimask Head is quicker, easier and more accurate than before. Simply face the camera, press a button, turn your head to the side and press the button again. In less than 60 seconds the Head is generated for use in any games that support the Digimask SDK.
Digimask is now a Middleware licensor for both Xbox 360 and the Unreal Engine and expects to announce a number of compatible games very soon, the first of which will be released around the end of the year.

Digimask CEO Gary Bracey commented, 'Despite some difficult years, we have always managed to stay ahead in this field, and the fact that our system is now completely automatic is a groundbreaking achievement. The speed and simplicity with which a user can now make an animated replica of their head, and the proliferation of digital capture devices, means that there are no longer any barriers to adoption. I would like to pay tribute to the technical team here at Digimask whose dedication and talent have made this all possible - it is due to them that we are able to stay so many steps ahead of any potentially competing technology.

'We are also very excited to be part of the respective Middleware programs for Xbox 360 and the Unreal Engine. Our system has been made extremely straightforward for developers and we believe that the inclusion of Digimask technology - that is, the ability to put the player INTO the game - creates a compelling marketing/selling proposition for any title.'

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