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Create and download playlists of free mobile games.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Sept. 11, 2008

DIDMO, a leading mobile advertisement delivery platform, today announced the beta launch of its online community portal, giving mobile gamers no-cost membership to an interactive medium that will enhance their free gaming experience. A complementary addition to its award-winning mobile application, the new portal allows users to browse DIDMO’s catalogue of hundreds of mobile games across all genres and create playlists of up to 10 games that can then be downloaded to their mobile phones.

“With thousands of users downloading free DIDMO games on a daily basis, we’re very pleased to provide mobile gaming fans with an ecosystem where they can thrive alongside fellow gamers,” said Roberto Chaves, CEO of DIDMO. “The website will grow a loyal DIDMO fan base while it drives increased content circulation, generating higher returns for publishers and advertisers. We are looking forward to feedback from our users that will help us improve the website and build a powerful mobile advertising network that mobile gamers will enjoy.”

Members will have the unique ability to create playlists of up to 10 full version games and download them directly to their device. Each game is available for 24 hours of free full-version play with the option to purchase at the end of the trial. Additional community features include tournaments, one-on-one challenges, friend lists, game ratings and forums that encourage mobile users to share content and play more games. The community rewards the most active users with DIDMO Points that are earned by interacting with the website, and can be redeemed for a variety of prizes and discounts.

The website will offer popular games including Predator, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dynamo Kid, across various genres including Action, Puzzle, Casino and more. DIDMO’s library contains hundreds of quality games from 20 leading mobile game developers and distributors worldwide, including Game Federation, Orange Pixel and Tequila Mobile. The new community website is the No. 1 destination for mobile gaming enthusiasts looking to play free mobile games.


DIDMO is a proven leader in advertising-wrapped content delivery to mobile phones. The company provides a seamless in-application mobile advertising solution that delivers full-screen ads embedded in free content, such as games, to mobile phone users. The DIDMO platform was developed to offer free trials of such content supported by non-obtrusive advertisements, offering a viable way for publishers and distributors to deliver compelling content that drives mobile purchases while generating high impact advertising impressions. Content publishers can easily upload content to consumers, as well as view valuable statistics on downloads, number of plays, purchases, and user ratings for use in content development and marketing research. DIDMO’s ad-supported content delivery platform serves to meet the needs of consumers, content publishers and advertising agencies worldwide with delivery capabilities in Scandinavia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain. Please visit for more information.

Rachel Steinberg, TriplePoint


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