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Hit the eponymous dice by rolling the titular ball.

DiceBall by independent developer 3D Construct is a highly addicting casual game featuring dice, but with a twist. In this highly original 3D game it is your objective to control a silver ball by tilting your device in the desired direction, trying to rank up points by hitting the green dice on the playing field with the ball. Your score is directly influenced by the number of eyes on the dice you hit, and if you navigate your ball into a red dice as opposed to a green, you lose points rather than scoring points. Adding to the challenge is a timer that constantly keeps decreasing, and if you fail to successfully hit the dice prior to time running out, a precious life is lost, and you only have 3! As you become more skilled at the game (and more experienced) you can gain extra lives by hitting the green dice 10 times in a row. DiceBall becomes increasingly more difficult the further into the game you progress, and also has unique features such as magnetic dice, and includes realistic physics, auto-save, resume feature, and incredibly attractive backdrops.

DiceBall is available from the App Store here:

Additional information about DiceBall is available on the games dedicated website found at, and there is a game-play trailer on YouTube here: A limited amount of promo codes to journalists are available by contacting


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