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DIAMOND SPARKLES ON NEW GAMER.TV SHOW announces When Games Attack, a new show for Bravo hosted by Dominik Diamond today announced the November launch of When Games Attack, an all-new video games TV show for Bravo, the UK's leading men's entertainment destination, hosted by games industry legend, Dominik Diamond.

When Games Attack will be a knowing and credible video game series that reflects gamers' passions and their desire to be entertained and amused.

"People have been talking about it on the Internet saying it's the 'Son of GamesMaster' but it's a lot funnier than that," commented Dominic Diamond. "It's so good, I'm soiling myself now just talking about it."

"A lot of people have very fond memories of GamesMaster and so much of that is down to him," commented Richard Wilcox, Executive Producer of When Games Attack and fellow GamesMaster alumni. "Viewers love Dominik. They love his wit, his mischievousness. He didn't just make people watch video games TV for the first time, he gave games a credible voice and face, whilst also pulling in an audience that didn't give a damn about Sonic or Mario. He did for games on TV what Jeremy Clarkson did for cars, though I'm sure he won't like me saying that. It's just great that the champ's back."

Apart from Dominik teasing games journalist Dave Perry, one of the highlights of GamesMaster was its location reports.

"We're glad to say the tradition of Dominik travelling the world to meet the strange, the glamorous and the downright frightening continues in When Games Attack. We've just finished filming a series of features in the US and I can definitely say the old magic is still there," commented Jonny Ffinch, Series Producer of When Games Attack, and another GamesMaster old boy.

When Games Attack will be co-hosted by Caroline Flack, who presented Bravo's football reality show Fash FC and also Bo Selecta.

As well as the roving reports, each episode of When Games Attack will include the following:

'I'm Famous, Give Me a Joypad' - a series-long celebrity football tournament.

'Behind the Game' - a special game review section where two rival games from the same genre go head-to-head in a three-round slugfest to determine who is numero uno. This section is rumoured to include Dominik interacting with puppets.

'Bunch of Five' - a top five chart on an aspect of video game culture or history, including 'five Hollywood stars who wished they'd never appeared in a video game' and 'five most stupid video game plots'.

With over 4.8 million male viewers, Bravo will be replacing the long-running GamePad with 20 x 24-minute episodes of When Games Attack. When broadcast alongside the existing weekly magazine show, it affords the production company a whole hour of daily exposure on this high profile and popular channel.

"Bravo has been looking to shake up its gaming content and begin to build its presence and ownership of the gaming genre - an area that we feel shows great potential," commented David Clarke, Channel Editor, Bravo. " has proved efficient, knowledgeable and fun to work with. Their ideas and passion for gaming are plain to see and following the success of the acquired series '' we have commissioned to produce our new flagship gaming series."

When Games Attack will be produced by, hosted by Dominik Diamond and broadcast on Bravo in November 2004.

A When Games Attack feature can be found in the latest issue of Pixel, the newsletter.

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