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Diamon Jones: Amulet of the World

Archaeological adventure kicking off in 1930s Egypt before heading to London and Tibet.

«Amulet of the World» is an adventure title which takes place among magnificent and picturesque sceneries of desert, gloomy London and even sacred Tibet. The story starts at the 30s of the last century Egypt. The country has turned into the focus of swindlers and old foxes who aim at nothing but treasures and money. The time of Majestic Pharaohs and Pyramids gone - the time of Tomb Raiders came!

Our Hero is less successful than the rest of his fellows and failed to find the treasuries of Pharaohs, but…once, Destiny makes him a gift. While playing, he has to investigate spaces and fetch various objects and artifacts that will help him to cope with the mission successfully. 6 challenging mini-games and 15 intricate puzzles are awaiting for you during the game.


• Thrilling puzzles and diversified locations from London to Tibet;

• Truly reproduced atmosphere of the adventuring 1930s through 42 game locations;

• Intriguing Plot, diluted with mini games and puzzles, which keeps the attention throughout the gameplay;

• Drawn style for all 25 characters and cartoon style for background makes the game look brilliant;

• High quality sound effects.

System Requirements:

• Windows XP/Vista

• Processor 2000 MHz

• RAM 512 Mb

• Video card 128 Mb

• DirectX 9.0c

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