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Devil's Third

Tokyo-based Score Studios working on Valhalla Game Studios' upcoming title.

Score Studios has been working alongside Valhalla Game Studios' internal team to help development of this multi-platform title, to be published by THQ, as revealed in an interview in Famitsu Xbox360 magazine (March issue).

"We are of course immensely excited by this opportunity," says Score Studios co-founder and CEO James Kay, "Devil's Third is already shaping up to be an excellent title and we at Score Studios are working hard to help bring it to market!"

"We are bringing our extensive experience and development sensibilities to the mix, working alongside Valhalla's already excellent team to bring Mr. Itagaki"s latest designs to fruition," said Score Studios co-founder and CTO Paul Caristino. "This partnership also means Score Studios will be expanding to help Devil's Third's development."

"It's also fun for me to make a game together with Score Studios, who are talented and energetic," said Tomonobu Itagaki, CTO of Valhalla Game Studios. "What we got from this partnership with Score Studios is quite valuable. This is something to ensure that future players of Devil's Third will be able to enjoy it greatly.”

Score Studios was formed in 2009 by veteran Western game developers in Tokyo and hassince been involved in various projects, including its own award-nominated titles for iPhone and iPod Touch, like Piczle Lines, Flock It! and DM Tools.

Learn more about Score Studios and keep abreast of news and developments on our website at http://score-studios.jp

Valhalla Game Studios' website:  http://www.valhallagamestudios.com/

Devil's Third information:  http://uk.thq.com/uk/thqtv/index/6107?movieId=4092

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