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Developers for hire

Broken Switch Studios, Meta 3D Studios and United Coders offering games to publishers at "competitive" prices.

In a time when a significant number of publishers choose to consolidate or relocate their development to offshore companies, a trio of independent American work-for-hire teams assures game publishers that quality product at a competitive budget is still a viable business in North America.

Broken Switch Studios, Meta 3D Studios, and United Coders are entering a joint partnership to offer publishers the best quality games, at a competitive price, on the Nintendo DS™, Nintendo Wii™, Nintendo Wiiware™, Microsoft Xbox 360®, and Microsoft Xbox LIVE® Arcade.

The three studios are encouraging publishers to make contact to get offers for their development needs whether it is original intellectual property or licensed content. Furthermore, the trio of developers has multiple projects in internal development; some are fully funded internally, and only require a distributor, while other projects need additional funding to complete in exchange for publishing rights, distribution and royalties.

Of notable internal projects seeking funding and publishing is a trilogy of edutainment point-and-click titles based on Norse, Roman and Greek mythology; a simplistic but highly addicting vertical shoot-em-up game is also under development, and finally, a board game best described as a mix of chess and checkers is on the drawing board; all of the aforementioned for the Nintendo DS. Titles currently in development for Nintendo Wiiware include Drops, a hilarious skydiving game featuring comical and outlandish landings; Slips, which is a unique drag racing game, Lucha Pinata is an action fighting game, where Piñatas literally beat the candy out of each other by incorporating Mexican Wrestling style combat and moves; and finally there is Innoqulanz, which is an arcade style action maze game where the player assumes the role of a nanite, called an Innoqulanz, that chases mysterious alien creatures called Gims who are bent on destroying all electronics on earth!

Additional information about the trio of game developers can be found at, and

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