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Develop Multi-Platform Games for Smartphone, Windows, Linux

For Immediate Release

Makslane Rodrigues has released Game Editor v. 1.3.3, a powerful Windows game creation application that lets you design and create exciting, interactive games for the Windows, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Smartphone, and Linux markets. You can share your games with family and friends, or sell them commercially, without paying royalty fees to the Game Editor author.

Game Editor gives you the power to create the games of your dreams. With very little programming or technical knowledge, you can design and develop 2D games that will entertain your family, or provide a new source of income as you sell your games across the Internet. Game Editor makes it easy to create arcade, puzzle, board, role-playing, shoot-em-up, jump and run, and side-scroller games. The simple and intuitive interface, plus the rich set of features, let both beginners and experienced game developers design and create games that are fun and exciting.

Creating your new game is a very intuitive process. Dream up a game theme, and place your game actors on the Game Editor screen. Your game is event-driven. You determine what happens whenever a player moves the mouse, clicks an object, or presses a key. You set the rules for collisions. By defining simple or complex paths, you determine the movement of all of the actors on the game screen. You can clone actors, remove them, or render them invisible. In addition to moving objects, you can play sounds and run animations. You're in total control of the look and feel of your game.

You don't have to spend days working on a game that may or may not be fun to play. Game Editor lets you quickly prototype your new game. In very little time, you can develop a basic game, and test its design and playability. By interacting with your prototype game from the outset, you can minimize wasted time and eliminate false starts.

Power users can use the program's Global Code Editor to program advanced actions. The powerful scripting language lets you extend Game Editor's functionality to support unusual and custom game rules.

Once you have fine-tuned and perfected your game, a few mouse clicks let you create versions for Windows, Linux, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, and Smartphones. Unlike companies that collect royalties for each copy of the games that you sell or give away, Game Editor's author lets you create and distribute your games royalty-free.

Whether you're a computer novice who wants to create and distribute a personalized game for family and friends, a serious game player who wants to try creating your own commercial-level game, or an entrepreneur who is considering launching a career in game development and marketing, Game Editor has the tools that you need.

Game Editor v. 1.3.3 runs under Windows 95/98/Me/2000/2003/XP. The program, plus a premium one-year support package, costs $94.95(US). The program without the annual updates is available for $14.95(US). You can purchase Game Editor securely online at You can download a free 30-day trial version of Game Editor from the company's web site.

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