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Destruction is coming…

Atari plan on causing major chaos with 'CRASHDAY' for PC CD Rom

LONDON, UK - 1st August 2005 - Atari today announced that it will publish new vehicle action title 'Crashday' developed by new teams 'Moon Byte' and 'Replay Studios". 'Crashday' blends elements of all the best action games such as Burnout, Stuntman, Destruction Derby, Flatout, Track Mania, Tony Hawk and Carmageddon into one glorious package for destruction fans. With a fantastic looking engine, the game delivers glorious visuals, open environments, great looking vehicles and weapons at your disposal which has been carefully crafted for PC gamers to enjoy come February 2006.

'Crashday' features a huge array of game play modes from Racing, Stunt Driving and Wrecking as well as team competition and online modes. 'Crashday' also features an integrated easy-to-use track editor which allows you to build some amazing courses for them to be downloaded straight into the game! A strong community will allow players to create their own cars and track pieces and share them online.


- 7 game modes (both single player and multiplayer)

- 12 vehicles with tuning possibilities

- Integrated track editor

- Career mode, Single event and Mini games

- Weapon features - Missiles, mines and miniguns

- Complete freedom of movement on tracks

- Detailed damage model and physics

- Action replays - Slow motion, freeze time

- Strong community support - Create own cars and even new track pieces

Games modes:

- Stunt show - Impress the crowd with insane stunts, huge jumps and spectacular crashes

- Racing - All out racing against other opponents

- Wrecking Match - Be the last one standing, bring down your opponents any way possible including weapons

- Hold the Flag - Take the flag and keep hold of it for as long as possible - Carry through checkpoints to win

- Pass the bomb - Pass the bomb from your car to another whilst the times runs down

- Bomb run - Keep your car over a certain speed or it will blow up, survive for as long as possible

- Test Drive - Free roam and practice


- Long Jump - Jump as far as can to win!

- Vehicle Blast - More spectacular version of 'Long Jump' - Vehicle explodes giving you longer jumps

- Mass Destruction - Destroy as much of the environment as possible within the time limit

- Checkpoint Chase - Pass as many checkpoints as you can


About Infogrames Entertainment and Atari:

Infogrames Entertainment (IESA), the parent company of the Atari Group, is listed on the Paris Euronext stock exchange (ISIN code: FR-0000052573) and has two principal subsidiaries: Atari Europe, a privately-held company, and Atari, Inc., a United States corporation listed on NASDAQ (ATAR).

The Atari Group is a major international producer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software for all market segments and in all existing game formats (Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony) and on CD-ROM for PC. Its games are sold in more than 60 countries.

The Atari Group's extensive catalogue of popular games is based on original franchises (Driver, Alone in the Dark, V-Rally, Test Drive, Roller Coaster Tycoon, etc.) and international licenses (Matrix, Dragon Ball Z, Dungeons & Dragons, etc.).

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