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Destan Entertainment announces "BURN"

Destan Entertainment is proud to inform about beginning of its new FPS development process. "Burn" enables players to fight with others in multi player mode and with bots in a single player game.

Features of Burn:

  • dynamic game-play,
  • interesting arenas,
  • unique weapons,
  • advanced AI,
  • multi player and single player modes,
  • dynamic music theme,
  • graphics improved by a modern technology,

Game is being developed under own Engine called "Destan Engine 2.0", whose main features are:

- Modern render based on Pixel and Vertex Shaders 2.0

- Dynamic lighting and soft shadows with support to PRT lighting technology.

- Network technology

- Tools to create maps, export 3d objects and optimize it

- Advanced physics engine base onto strongly improved famous ODE enabling real world simulation(with rigid bodies, water, material disintegration and cars)

- 3D sound with support to EAX, 5.1 and 7.1 systems and HRTF

- Dynamic music theme system.

- Comfortable API for programmers

You'll be able to see first games based on this technology soon. Information about it will be put on official website: www.destan.pl .

Samples of music theme:



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