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Desert Bus for Hope

LoadingReadyRun to stage videogame marathon and variety show in support of the Child’s Play charity.

Victoria, BC, Canada -- November 14, 2009 -- On November 19th, sketch comedy troupe LoadingReadyRun will begin a live 24/7 broadcast of their fourth annual Desert Bus for Hope, an epic videogame marathon and variety show where philanthropists donate to the Child’s Play charity to extend the length of time the troupe plays the painfully boring game “Desert Bus.”

The marathon will feature the members of LoadingReadyRun as well as auctions, call-ins, pranks, songs, and more while one member plays “Desert Bus,” a virtual bus-driving game that simulates an eight-hour-long strip of highway. Over the past three years they have raised almost $250,000, growing over 100 percent each year. This year, there is an added twist where members will take 24 hour shifts driving the “Desert Bus,” versus the 4 hour shifts in previous years.

“Desert Bus is considered by many as the most boring game ever created, which is why we’ve decided that this year we will be taking shifts six times longer than last year,” said Graham Stark, co-creator of LoadingReadyRun. “We really want to punish ourselves to benefit Child’s Play and we hope this will entice the gaming community to donate even more in 2010.”

Child's Play was created in 2003 by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade to get games, toys and cash to improve the quality of life for kids around the world who are undergoing treatment in hospitals. Many of the gifts donated are age appropriate videogames and gaming systems, along with coloring books, art supplies, crafts, movies, and cartoons.

“Last year’s Desert Bus for Hope lasted 5 days, 16 hours, raised $140,000, and Matt Wiggins watched New Moon six times, all to benefit this fantastic charity,” said Paul Saunders, co-creator of LoadingReadyRun. “This year we hope to raise even more through auctioning off great prizes and having pies thrown in our faces through The Escapist’s Dessert Bus game.”

The Escapist, the videogame culture website that proudly produces five shows by LoadingReadyRun, will be hosting the mini-game “Dessert Bus” where viewers can donate money to Child’s Play by purchasing virtual pies to throw at the LoadingReadyRun cast. The “winning” cast member will take a real pie to the face during the live broadcast.

To view the telethon, donate money and/or prizes, and find more information, please visit


About LoadingReadyRun

LoadingReadyRun is an online sketch-comedy group based out of Victoria, BC. Their videos have been featured in film festivals such as the Comic Con International Film Festival in San Diego, and shown on major TV networks, including G4 TechTV, The CW, TruTV, NBC, and even CNN. Since 2007, LRR has raised money for the Child's Play charity with the "Desert Bus for Hope" fundraising internet telethon and gaming marathon. The event, which saw members of the crew play the worst video game ever made for days on end, has raised over $200,000 in its three years. They produce a new short film every week, which can be viewed on their website, and at

For more information, or to schedule an interview with members of LoadingReadyRun, please contact:

Kelly Helder

Communications Manager

The Escapist


t. @kellyhelder

Kathleen De Vere

Event Coordinator

Desert Bus for Hope


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