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Denki Top 100

Gary Penn compiles list of the hundred most notable Denki moments.

Denki HQ, Dundee, Scotland – December 8th 2008. So this is Christmas - and what have we done? Actually, we've put together the inaugural Denki Top 100. A fact-filled year-end round-up of the greatest, gaming experiences we've ever done.

With our usual disdain for limitations, constraints and notions of propriety, we have not limited the list to those games released over the last twelve calendar months, but instead features ALL of our games which are still being played by gamers around the world...

The judging criteria were based on a complex formula, created by Denki's in-house games legend Gary 'Gaztop' Penn. “It's very simple. First you take the popularity of each game with players, multiply this by the revenue it's generated, ADD on the longevity of the game and then apply our own very strict internal scoring system. We then sorted the overall winners using a system of trial by ordeal. Whittling the original list of nearly 200 games down to 10 seemed particularly arduous, what with Christmas coming up, so we went up to 100, just for fun.”

1.Word Crunch Deluxe [like Word Crunch, only Deluxe-r]

2.Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

3.Crackdown [yes, THAT Crackdown]

4.InQuizitor [Game + Education – oh yes!]

5.SpongeBob SquarePants; Episode 6 - “Forest Of Fear”

6.Denki Blocks! [The one, the only, the original...]

7.Tomb Raider; The Reckoning [we reckon you liked it]

8.Jumble Fever; Beehive Bedlam Edition

9.Shrek; Episode 5 - “Imperial Peril”


11.Tetris [did you know we even did a multiplayer version?]

12.Barbie; World Fashion Tour

13.Pac-Man [Blinky on the TV, instead of vice versa...]

14.Tom and Jerry; Episode 1 - “Mouse Party”

15.Bips! [one button magic from the brain of Penn]

16.Sundae Scoop

17.21s [NOT played in 21 seconds, actually a card game...]

18.Ben 10; Episode 3 - “Upchuck Unveiled”

19.Kingpin Bowling [Contains more pageantry than normal bowling]

20.Polly Wheels 2 [Nothing to do with parrots]


22.Go! Go! Beckham [yes, THAT Beckham...]

23.Word Crunch 2 [Like Word Crunch only twice as crunchy]

24.Scooby-Doo Mysteries; Episode 2 - “The Case of the Frosty Snowman”

25.Pat Sajak’s Code Letter Crossword Connections

26.Dexter’s Laboratory; Episode 3 - “Return of the Dorkster”

27.Mad Libs [Really very, very crazy Libs indeed]

28.Lego Castle; The Sword of Virtue

29.Robotboy; Episode 4 - “Tag Team Trouble”

30.Tumbler [need we say more? I think not...]

31.Tom and Jerry; Episode 2 - “Merry Christmouse!”

32.Jumble Quest; The Lost Pyramids

33.SpongeBob SquarePants; Episode 5 - “Snow Woes”

34.Sky Sports Darts [darts was invented in 1409 by the 8th Earl of Darts]

35.Codename: Kids Next Door; Episode 4 - “Operation G.U.M.D.R.O.P.”

36.Fetch! What A State!

37.Barbie; LuvMe3 - “Pup’s New Tricks”

38.HULK [Dr David Banner liked this. “Hulk, SMASH!” he told us...]

39.Golden Balls

40.Polly Pocket; SPLASH!

41.Looney Tunes; Back In Action; Episode 3 - “Rabbit Rescue”

42.Letter Box [a 4% increase in literafullness followed this game's release]

43.Hot Wheels; Monster Truck Smashdown

44.Boggle [We're told this is Prince Phillip's favourite dice-based word game]

45.Pat Sajak’s Code Letter Lost & Found Words

46.Bugz [Like Bugs, only sleepier]

47.Genie’s Cave [High scorers were granted three faux wishes]

48.Ben 10; Episode 2 - “Call of the Wildmutt”

49.Nicktoons; Ready Orb Not

50.Robotboy; Episode 2 - “Something in the Darkness Drools!”

51.Wallace & Gromit in Curse of the Were-Rabbit

52.Shrek the Third [Son of, son of Shrek]

53.Codename: Kids Next Door - Episode 3 “Operation R.E.V.E.N.G.E.”


55.Tom and Jerry; Episode 5 - “Rickety House Mouse”

56.Carol Vorderman’s Mind Aerobics; Summer Shape Up

57.Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends; Episode 2 - “Brotherly Love”

58.Number Crunch [Like Word Crunch, only Numberier]

59.Scooby-Doo Where Are You?; Episode 1 - “The Mystery of Eerie Isle”

60.All Grown Up! [Unlike our previous title, 'Fartastic']

61.Shrek; Episode 1 - “Fiona’s Rescue”

62.Weekly Spin To Win [You have to be spin it to...oh you get the idea]

63.Dexter’s Laboratory; Episode 2 - “Mandark Strikes Back”

64.Super Breakout [SIX times more Super than non-super Breakout]

65.The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

66.Shrek; Episode 3 - “Godmother’s Revenge”

67.The Muppets in Backstage Rampage

68.Quick Wit [Perfect for after-dinner speakers and classroom wags]

69.Codename: Kids Next Door - Episode 1 “Operation B.I.T.T.E.R.S.W.E.E.T.”

70.Jumble Fever; Tropical Edition

71.Courage the Cowardly Dog; Episode 3 - “Le Quack Attack!”

72.Denki Blocks! Brain Teasers; Volume 2

73.SpongeBob SquarePants; Episode 3 - “The Flying Dutchman”

74.Tom and Jerry in Dynamice 2

75.Star Trek: The Next Generation - “Stranded”

76.Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses

77.Scooby-Doo Mysteries; Episode 1 - “The Case of the Creepy Cowboy”

78.Thunderbirds [F.A.B. Oh come on, you were expecting that, surely!]

79.Ed, Edd n Eddy; Episode 1 - “Night of the Living Ed”

80.Ben 10; Episode 1 - “Vilgax Venom”

81.Caterpillar Crunch [Almost five times crunchier than regular caterpillars]

82.Jumble Fever; Avatar Edition

83.Courage the Cowardly Dog; Episode 1 - “Katz Kidnap”

84.Duopolis [Sadly NOT the adventures of two policemen in Glasgow]

85.Tom and Jerry; Episode 4 - “Duck and Cover”

86.Word Crunch [Like Caterpillar Crunch, but wordier]

87.Codename: Kids Next Door - Episode 1 “Operation T.E.E.N.A.G.E.R.”

88.Jumble Fever: Halloween Edition [Featured Witches and Pumpkins]

89.SpongeBob SquarePants; Episode 1 - “Bikini Bottom Bother”

90.The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy in Hell’s Hamsters

91.Robotboy; Episode 3 - “Repair or Despair”

92.Shrek Jumble Rumble

93.Codename: Kids Next Door - Episode 2 “Operation S.H.I.P.W.R.E.C.K.E.D.”

94.Jumble Football Fever

95.Tom and Jerry; Episode 3 - “Mansion House Mouse”

96.Dexter’s Laboratory; Episode 1 - “Dexter Versus Mandark”

97.Shrek; Episode 2 - “Disarming Charming”

98.Berenstain Bears; Rainy Day Puzzles

99.SpongeBob SquarePants; Episode 2 - “Krabby Patty Kidnap”

100.Shrek; Episode 4 - “Double Trouble”

Colin Anderson, the Managing Director of Denki said, “Two days! I left the office for two days and this is what Gaz gets the teams to do with their time! That said, I doubt there’s many other games companies in the world who could whip up a Top 100 list of their own games, based on some dubious quasi-scientific criteria, while at the same time having fun and avoiding actual paid work in the run up to the holidays? Of course, I’d have preferred if they actually got on with what they were meant to be doing ¬ building Denki’s new games for Xbox Live Arcade and Wii.”

“Some people say it's impossible to quantify something like joy,” added Penn. “But they're simply not trying hard enough. This list, this scientific, accurate and extensive list draws a clear line in the sand. It shows that as Denki gears up for new projects and a new future, it builds upon a glorious legacy of triumph, ability and innovation. I’ve already put out a call to creators of all stripes to take some time out to visit to see if they are well, Denki or Not. If they are, then I want to hear from them.”


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